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Pneumonia recovery

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webchick Sun 06-Sep-09 13:09:39

I had swine flu 2 weeks ago, got over that to then get a chest infection over the next week which despite antibiotics manifested into pneumonia. So as from last Fri I'm on stronger antibiotics & basically in bed for most of time. I'm short of breath which is to be expected.

Has anyone had pneumonia before, how long did it take to recover? Also, is there anything else I should be doing to aid my recovery?

Thanks in advance

magso Sun 06-Sep-09 14:04:18

I had (severe) pneumonia in april ( 2 weeks in hospital, O2 dependent, HDU etc) and am still recovering! So I think it really depends on lots of factors - including having the flu and general fitness. My specialist said it would be at 3 months before I started to feel well again. I have learnt to not try to do very much and pace myself very carefully and I would suggest you try not to do too much too soon - rest and more rest ( tall order for a mum I know). Also go back to the gp ( assuming you are not in hospital) especially if the breathlessness is stopping you from doing basic things. I take a multivitamin aimed at recovery (from a good health store)and breath steam to clear my clogged chest.
I would love advice too!

alypaly Sun 06-Sep-09 15:18:29

took me abot 1yr to recover as i got a second bout of it 3 months later. Felt knackered most of the time. Was off work for 2months after first bout. Mind you it was due to work that i got it in the first place. Work in a really pharmacy and was never allowed time off to be ill. Boss really took it out on you if u had any time off and some of the other members of staff pulled face too.

just rest when you need to, do what your body is telling you to and dont over do it

webchick Sun 06-Sep-09 17:00:55

Thanks for the replies, I'm hoping I don't get a 2nd bout of it in the autumn. It's v early days for me, I'm generally quite fit & my body responds quite well to medication & rest. I never realized I would have such a health "low" but here's hoping I'm on the mend.

alypaly Sun 06-Sep-09 19:22:06

hi webchick...i was fit and healthy too ,played badminton to county level 3 nights a week so i was disstraught when i got it so badly. Thought it was only something older people got...felt like i was going to peg it...and looked like death warmed up. Couldnt believe my liuck to get it twice in 3 months...wrecked my skiing holiday hmm

webchick Sun 06-Sep-09 20:09:53

Hi alypaly how long ago were u ill with pneumonia and how has your recovery progressed? I know I've a few months of getting fit ahead of me.

Hope u get back into badminton soon, I'm missing playing my flute!

alypaly Sun 06-Sep-09 20:52:25

webchick Oh ,im playing badminton now as this all happened a few years ago, but it has left me really nervous of getting a chest infection. It has also left me prone to getting chest infections when we go abroad...i nearly always come back with one but fingers crossed..not this year ( we didnt use the air con in the room this time, and i honestly think that causes a lot of problems.
I got a bad chest infection in late november..didnt take time off work and then on Xmas morning I collapsed with temp of 104 whilst cooking xmas dinner...This was a few years ago now. Diagnosed immediately with pneumonia. Really poorly for 4 weeks, felt so weak and tired...tok quite a long time for temperature to come down. My chest sounded dreadful.Doc didnt send me to hospital as i was in the age group that they believe can be managed at not a baby or elderly. Had got a holiday to France booked for the march, which even after the first bout we decided to cancel as i didnt feel strong enough to ski. This was rather fortunate as i got a second bout in the march.. I would say it took me 9-12 months to feel properly well again.never ever want it again

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