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Can eyesight get this bad this quickly

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tiffini Wed 01-Jun-05 22:15:22

I work a couple of evenings a week answering phones for a taxi firm, anyway there is'nt normally much to do so i take in magazines to read. I worked on sunday night and read my mags as normal, but on monday night when i tried to read my mags i could'nt see a damn thing, niether could i read the maps to give the drivers instructions.

I hoped it was maybe lack of sleep but i am still having this problem.

can eyesight really deteriorate (sp??) overnight or could it be something else, or worse still is it something serious?

I have not had any headaches either.

Anyone have any ideas.

tiffini Wed 01-Jun-05 22:38:49


Puff Wed 01-Jun-05 22:44:57

tiffini, when I needed glasses for driving (about 13 years ago now), I remember just not being able to read roadsigns one day - it seemed v sudden. When I saw the optician, he said the change had been gradual.

Book an appointment with the optician - I'm sure it's nothing sinister.

ScrewballMuppet Wed 01-Jun-05 22:45:49

I'd go and get it checked with local optician give them a ring tomorrow and get in asap and with your doctor for good measure. I'm sure its nothing serious but its always better to get things checked out in my experience.
Let me know how you get on

SaintGeorge Wed 01-Jun-05 22:50:07

I would certainly get it checked out.

I have Iritis which can cause my eyesight to worsen dramatically and suddenly, but only during an attack. Afterwards it pretty much restores itself. Doesn't sound like you have that though - the pain is intense and the light would hurt your eyes.

hatsoff Wed 01-Jun-05 23:00:32

there are various things that can cause problems with eyesight. Some forms of migraine cause visual disturbance without pain. Go to the docs and get it checked out.

tiffini Wed 01-Jun-05 23:01:35

oooh , will ring opticians in the morning.
I am naughty really, i know i have bad sight anyway, i used to wear contacts about 10 years ago, but could'nt see through them so i took them out and have not seen an optician since.

pixel Wed 01-Jun-05 23:30:41

As you say you are working evenings do you have flourescent lighting? It's just that I once worked in an office in a basement with no natural light and was finding that when I came out of work I was having trouble reading bus numbers etc.
I went to the opticians and she told me it was the lighting causing the same effect as snow blindness. I moved offices soon after and haven't had the problem since. Would it be possible for you to try a reading lamp with a daylight bulb in?

(I'm not saying you shouldn't still visit the optician btw, just that this may not be a permanent problem)

assumedname Wed 01-Jun-05 23:33:26

I have trouble reading sometimes when I've been on the computer too long - particularly if I'm tired.

tiffini Thu 02-Jun-05 14:20:50

Have made an appointment with optician, 14th June. Thanks for the advise ladies

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