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Really itchy scalp post head-lice treatment

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FourArms Sun 06-Sep-09 08:13:52

I treated my hair for headlice a week ago after finding them in DS2's hair. I used the Full Marks liquid. I haven't found any lice/eggs in my hair despite repeated combings with a nitty gritty comb. However, I now have the itchiest scalp in the world. Fairly scared I do have headlice, but just haven't found any. Could just be irritation from treatment/combing etc though. Any ideas on something to stop the itching/irritation? I'm currently just using my normal shampoo/conditioner. I don't do anything with my hair after washing (blowdry/ style/ straighten etc).

FourArms Sun 06-Sep-09 17:30:36


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