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Persistent cough - ENT?

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dippica Sat 05-Sep-09 14:40:25

When is a cough more than just a cough?

DH has had an annoying cough for ages. He went to GP, got ABs for a throat infection which didn't touch it. GP then gave him an inhaler which also hasn't helped. GP was talking about an ENT referral if inhaler didn't work.

What would they be looking for or ruling out?

CaroJo Sat 05-Sep-09 20:42:45


I might be totally of here but it could be Whopping Cough? Because children mostly get vaccinated doctors seem to not think off it.

I was really sick a few months ago. Went to doctors 3 times who tried to tell me I was allergic to my cat. Went to Germany to see family. Went to the doctors there, described symptoms, got a blood test. WHOOPING COUGH!!!!! She said vaccinations only work 80% of the time so there are loads of peole who can still get it.

It turned out my mum, my H2B, 2 people at my work (who work with food btw) and their partners had it. All because not a single doctor here got the diagnosis right.

Just wanted to share this as it's something that seems to get missed a lot and can have bad consequenses.

nigglewiggle Sat 05-Sep-09 20:48:28

A friend recently had this and her sister who is a doctor said it was probably a nasal drip (sorry) from an allergy, but said she should get it checked. She had chest x-rays etc and finally that was the diagnosis. She got a beconase (sp) nasal spray and it has cleared up.

My mum had the same thing and I told her about my friend. She went to GP who said it was just her asthma and nothing could be done. In frustration she bought herself a Beconase spray in Boots and after months of coughing it immediately cleared up.

Perhaps worth a try.

alypaly Sun 06-Sep-09 15:04:00

has DH got stomach problems or acid reflux

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