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Sterilisation, should we have it done once 2nds born

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jofeb04 Wed 01-Jun-05 19:25:07

I know ive talked about this before, but me and dh are both thinking if this is the best thing for us. Heres the facts, what do u all think:
We only want to have 2 children due to a number of factors
But, I'll be 23 when 2nds born (almost 24), and dh will be close to 26. Are we to young? Will any doctors offer it?
We dont really want to have the hassel that can come up with other contraceptives, and we want to be with each other for ever (as most people with dh/dw will say), so not really comtemplating any other sort of future etc.

tiffini Wed 01-Jun-05 19:26:50

No-one can answer that for you, but i am sure you need to be at least 27 unless you have a huge amount of children.

vickiyumyum Wed 01-Jun-05 19:30:21

speak to your GP and they will decide on if you can have the sterilisation, silly i know, but if you present a good, well thought out case to them, then i'm sure that they will see how much you have thought about this and agree to put you on the list.

be warned though teh lenght of list in areas varies greatly, my dh has been on the list since 2003! was offered one date and couldn't have the op cos he had a chest infection, so was put to the bottom of the list and we are still waiting.

Mud Wed 01-Jun-05 19:30:31

You won't be allowed to have sterilisation until at least a year after the birth anyway

and personally I think you're both way too young and you have no idea what life is going to hand you in the next decade or two but it is your decision

jofeb04 Wed 01-Jun-05 19:31:42

Thx for that vickyumyum,
We know that we dont know what could happen in the future, but to be honest, none of us do.

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