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BCG vaccination site still ulcerated after 8 months!!!‏‏

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Sonya007 Fri 04-Sep-09 01:22:11

my Son is now 14 Months old and had a BCG done at about 5 Months old. it still hasnt healed to a scar yet and im very very worried. the Doctor who administered it hadnt done one before, and was receiving guidance from another Doctor . at one point he told her to re-inject the same site, as she hadnt injected the whole dose . now im worried it wont heal, here are some pictures: bums/e...k/P1010226.jpg

please can someone put my mind at rest that this looks ok?

Sonya007 Fri 04-Sep-09 01:35:01

i didnt put the links in properly. lets try again:

missmama Fri 04-Sep-09 02:32:15

Hi I know its late.
DS3 is 8 months old and had his at birth, I think from the photo that it looks identical to his.
He had a problem with it weeping and swelling up a few months ago and was finally prescribed bactroban by the doctor after I insisted that the Health Visitor stopped fobbing us off and made an appointment with somebody who knew what they were talking about.
You might want to get them to have a look if you think it is causing him discomfort. I was told it was perfectly normal now.

clemette Fri 04-Sep-09 04:55:08

My friends daughter had hers last christmas ( age 5) and it is still ulcerated and sore looking now, though she says it doesn't hurt.

miroam Fri 04-Sep-09 10:56:19

Hi! My DD had her BCG injection in Apr 08 and it is only just starting to calm down now. Whenever she wears a summer dress or short sleeved top people still comment on it just like they did last year sad
I didn't go and see a doctor or anyone but sometimes I wish I had but I really don't know if they can make it heal any quicker. Pictures look just like my DDs but perhaps make an appointment with gp to put your mind at rest.

stilltryingtosell Fri 04-Sep-09 21:34:37

just wanted to reassure you that, having had my DS vaccinated at 1 year old (we lost someone to TB) that lesion looks almost identical to Ds, his site took over ayear to heal, at one stage it semed to nearly heal then ulcerated again and would ooze yellow puz - YUK! I did in fact take him to the Gp who was completely unconcerned and said it was totally normal. She said it would be of concern if he developed a very large, or hard area or if it was causing him lots of pain (it wasnt) or if he had swollen lymph glands under his armpits.

candyfluff Sat 05-Sep-09 13:28:11

yeah i agree with stiiltryingtosell - my ds had a bcg injection when he was 3 weeks old and it regularly filled with pus and at one point he had anitbiotics ,took about a year to heal completly,he now has a large scar. if i had known more i probably wouldnt of had it done
my friend also had both her children done due to their father working in hungary alot(where the rates of tb are higher) and they both had infected loking injection sites .
so try not to worry .

katobo Mon 28-Sep-09 15:42:25

my little boy had his bcg at 3 weeks old and nothing happened for ages, then it developed a large boil like wound around 3 months and weaps pus when it gets wet. i took him to the doc who said it was fine and could take up to a year to heal, he also said not to go swimming - Today the scab fell off and it bleed a little bit. i am taking him back to the hv tomorrow so see what they think. he is 5 months now. He is not bothered by it at all thankfully - just me!

purpleduck Mon 28-Sep-09 16:03:20

maybe some vitamin e oil with a few drops of tea tree in it? I buy the capsules as they tend to stay fresher.

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