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Osteopath on NHS?

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moodywren Wed 02-Sep-09 22:02:06

I injured my back on Saturday, and am still having loads of pain.

I used to see an osteopath years ago but know it was expensive, so I wondered if you can get refered to an osteopath by your GP. As I don't really have the money to spare at the moment.

MrsPurple Thu 03-Sep-09 21:27:48


I've tried on numerous occasions to get refered, but as it's alternative medcine and the results are unproven they won't do it.

However I have finally got my DD refered by a young doctor, but only because I said our Health insurance would pay (happy to refer then if I feel it works).

Good luck. It costs about £35 to £40 per session, so if you can afford it may be worth having a few sessions.

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