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facial paralysis in ds2(3.5yo)

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Honneybunny Wed 02-Sep-09 17:39:27

feel like crying..
just spent 4 hours in A&E overnight, and a full day at the hospital today with ds2 (and ds1). all of a sudden his face drooped on the bank holiday monday afternoon. we were abroad/on the road so did not get to see a doctor until 9pm. we are suspecting lyme's disease as where we've spent our summer holidays there were loads of them, and he did have one lodged into his bellybutton. unfortunately we did not realise that the red ring does not necessarily appear at the site of the bite, but may show any place on the body. in hindsight he has probably had this. the complete lefthand side of his face is paralysed. we are beating ourselves up over it, feel awful sad
i guess what i would like to hear is some uplifting stories about children who've had similar, and had complete recoveries. i'd feel just awful, if it'd be lasting damage. i'm in tears writing this.
thanks for reading. sad

Milliways Wed 02-Sep-09 17:51:26

Ok, and breathe!

DS had a Bells Palsy when he was just 4. He was the youngest one they had seen at the hospital. His face was totally frozen on one side but did not droop.

It is weird/scary to see them smile etc with half a face.

We had to put eyedrops in his affected eye and stick it shut with tape at night.

He made a COMPLETE recovery within a fortnight.

For a year or so afterwards, if he was tired he unintentionally made odd faces - so we warned his school that he was not being rude. Sometimes he had to stretch his face fully awake in the mornings, but now you would never know (indeed a few months later you would never know, he is now 14).

Children make the quickest recovery from these things, they are very elastic, and also they are not embarressed by their face - although I took some getting used to people staring at him.

Good luck.

Milliways Wed 02-Sep-09 18:10:29

Oh, and I understand your stress and tears, we thought DS was having a stroke or something and also had 2 days of intensive testing at the hospital before they confirmed the Bells Palsy.

He also got good follow up checks (eyes, ears, reflexws, bloods etc) and I am sure your DS will get the same royalty treatment. (They love an unusual case)

Honneybunny Thu 03-Sep-09 10:03:55

Thanks milliways
It's always good to read a reply from someone who's gone through similar. The worst feeling is not to know what's the cause, and looking on as ds2 got poked and poked again for bloods was just awful (they could not find a good vein, and keep the needle in). Ds2 also does not seem to be bothered by his face (doctor said that it's easier on little ones, than on teenagers, and ds2 is 3.5); the only thing is that he eats a lot less, and prefers yoghurt etc. I guess because his mouth is not working properly on the left chewing probably feels a bit funny..

He's on loads of different drugs: steroids to limit the inflammation of the nerve, antibiotics in case it is lyme's and antivirals in case it is bell's palsy due to a (herpes) virus. And then he has some drops and cream for his eye.

We did see loads of doctors yesterday, and there's more to come next week. We'll have to wait and see, what's going on. But thanks again for your reply. I am feeling a bit better now, after sleeping on it.

midnightexpress Thu 03-Sep-09 10:07:59

Poor wee soul. Hope he's feeling better soon.

I've had Bells palsy, and it does sound v similar to what you describe. It came on suddenly - I realised I couldn't whistle any more grin and it took a few weeks to clear up completely. I still feel it (about 5 years later, but I'm ancient), especially if I'm tired, but you can't see it at all. Hope you get a good result.

Summertimefizz Thu 03-Sep-09 12:41:22

I really feel for you!!!! But as said by others Bells Palsy is frightening to look at especially on a loved one. I've had it straight after having a very bad cold, and it took around 5-6 weeks for me to totally recover. Keep your chin up my sweet, hope all ends wellsmile

Milliways Thu 03-Sep-09 17:28:20

Glad to hear you managed to sleep.

Yes, we never found out what caused DS's, they put it down to a virus in the end.

Taste buds can be affected with a Palsy, so don't worry too much. Is he using a straw for drinking? (DS had to to stop the dribbling).

Hoe you see signs of movement soon (we got the first twitches after about a week).

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