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Blood clot behind eye can anyone help please?

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geordieminx Wed 02-Sep-09 13:42:44

Not me, my grandad, who is 80 (but in very good health - still rides motor bike to Irlnad twice a year etc)

Anyway, optician noticed blood behind is eye, referred him to hospital who said it could be a number of things and asked him to come back in week.

He has been back today and they have said that its a blood clot, and that they have options - do nothing, laser it, or operate. If they leave it then the chances are he wont be able to drive or ride bike as he has a cataract in other eye which cant be operated on yet as it isnt hard hmm. Before surgery he would have to have an angiagram(sp), and they have said that the risks aof this are quite significant given his age sad

He has been sent awaay to think about it, but tbh he doesnt really know enough to weigh things up.

Really annoyed with myself for not going with him, and am now really worried.

Anyone help?

Thank you

geordieminx Wed 02-Sep-09 19:22:23

bump sad

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