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low thyroid and care during pregnancy

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dalme1 Tue 01-Sep-09 10:25:38

i've had an underactive thyroid for three years which still isn't completely under control now. i'm 8 weeks pregnant and supposedly going to barnet hospital. my gp knows nothing about hypothyroidism and was wandering if anybody has been cared for at barnet and what they were like, or if any other local hospital was better.

fizzyanddizzy Tue 01-Sep-09 12:45:50

don't know about Barnet but you should be automatically referred to an endrocrinologist specialising in pregnancy. As it isn't under control at the mo I would make sure the gp does the referral now if they havn't already. My experience of being pregnant with thyroid issues as that hospitals tend to be quite vigilant and this has got better over the years. Saw the consultant at about 4 months and had monthly bloods and appts thereafter.

Good luck.

Crapweasel Wed 02-Sep-09 22:49:27

Even if your thyroid is under control, I've been advised by my endocrinology clinic that you need approx 30% more thyroxine when pregnant (and if TTC but obv. that's not relevent to you).

I think I'd be pushing for a referral to an endocrinologist (and getting up to date bloods done before the appt) rather than relying on your antenatal care alone to pick this up and advise you.

If your GP was less cr*p you could speak to him/her about upping your dose before any referral. Is there another GP you can see?

Good luck smile

dalme1 Thu 03-Sep-09 19:45:46

thanks both,
have asked gp to refer me to better hospital and hopefully should get appt soon, but had thyroid tested and levels are ok. i have heard same thing that levels should be increased automatically esp in first 3 months but think will try to get urgent appointment with endocrinologist and talk to them rather than gp.

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