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Can Sex make you constipated?

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bobs Mon 31-Aug-09 22:02:25

So here goes...(long a rammbly blush)...This probably sounds strange but I don't normally get constipated until earlier this year where following a really strange dragging, bearing down sensation in the pelvic region that was so intense it had me phoning NHS Direct feeling like my innards were dropping out shock. It went away followed by a period a couple of days later which might explain it having looked at other messages on MN...possible tilted pelvis or some such.
Anyway, since then I had constipation which brought on piles which had been hiding since having DD years ago. I eat loads of fibre anyway but this didn't help. I tried fasting for a couple of days and drinking lots of water - okay afterwards for 2-3 days then constipaton again. then I tried laxatives on 2 separate occasions - same as before.
So, you ask, where does the sex bit come into it....well, constipation went away after about 3 months, but after a vigorous bout of sex last night it's back.
Does "pushing the furniture" have an impact on the bowels?
The sex might have been rather enjoyable grin- only happens rarely sad- but not if it brings this on - anyone know of any connection??

AnyFucker Mon 31-Aug-09 22:58:29

err, your post is a bit confusing

but the symptoms you describe sound like a prolapsing uterus

did you have traumatic births ? assisted births ?

bowels and uterus stuff is all very connected

bottom line (see what I did there...grin) need to see your doc to get checked out

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