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sebaceous cysts on scalp

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binker Fri 16-May-03 14:44:49

eeew ! I was wondering whether anyone else has had these pesky things - apparently they can run in families - my mum and brother have both had them - I seem to be very prone and have had lots,mostly small, but then I've had them removed before they got too big. I hate having them - does anyone know how they might be prevented ? any homeopathic treatments ? I 'd be extremely grateful !

sb34 Sat 17-May-03 21:20:22

Message withdrawn

janh Sat 17-May-03 21:51:26

I have had a couple of these, binker - liveable with until I got one on the crown at the right/back of my head, right where I used to lean my head on the car window - ouch - not sure how big it was exactly but felt about 3 cm.

Had it removed under a local anaesthetic by my GP. Slightly painful but no big deal and better out than in.

Have had various other cysty things - my dad and my brother had them too - I think it's just a family thing and I don't think it's preventable?

binker Wed 21-May-03 13:21:40

thanks sb34 and janh - my hairdresser suggested massaging them when you shampoo,which I try to remember to do- I guess I'll put up with them, it could be worse !

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