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Plantar Fascitiis and Fit Flops

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blametheparents Sun 30-Aug-09 19:57:02

I have had Plantar Fascitiis for a few months and it has been getting progressively worse and has been limiting what I can do with regard to walking round, exerise etc.
I bought a pait of Fit Flops on Friday and they are BRILLIANT!
I have been on my feet all day sorting out a BBQ for friends and my feet do not hurt at all.
I just hope it conitnues and this is not some kind of weird interlude and everything starts hurting again next week.
I remember someone else on here mentioning that they were good for PF, and I just want to say thankyou!

PurpleLostPrincess Mon 31-Aug-09 00:10:32

Good for you! I had it a few years ago and it was excrutiating, I remember having to take a stool to Alton Towers so I could sit down in the queues lol!

Mine got better after the specialist gave me specially made insoles in my trainers. Whatever works for you is brill, enjoy your new found freedom smile

hambler Mon 31-Aug-09 01:01:42

what is PF?

blametheparents Mon 31-Aug-09 09:35:20

Plantar Fascitiis is a muscle that runs across the bottom of your foot which can get torn and inflamed. Walking when you get up in the morning is very difficult, and it can be sore all day. I have been surviving on ibuprofen and then some anti-inflammatories that the doctor prescribed me.
It can be very hard to get rid of, doctors often presribe injections in your foot which are often not much help.
I have been limping round all summer, so am really pleased that I have found a pair of shoes that seem to be helping, and cheaper than another physio appointment!

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