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Possible prolapsed bladder

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nannyj Fri 28-Aug-09 13:42:41

My DD is 8 weeks old and i had a C-Section, having been feeling a ball like lump down bellow and the doctor has said it could possibly be a prolapsed bladder. It's not that bad and not protruding but was wondering whether there are things i can do to make it better or if i have to live with it.

I'm now waiting for an appointment with the gyno. Will it affect any areas of my life, it's uncomfortable now and want it to get better at least a little bit.

GYo Fri 28-Aug-09 14:50:07

couldnt not reply to you as I have a similar issue to you and I know how miserable it is. Do you have an stress incontinence issues? I reckon that as long as you arent feeling the need to wee all the time and dont wee yourself when you laugh or exert yourself I'd imagine you will heal given time. While the last 8wks probably feels like a long time to you its really isnt long given what your body has been through.

Im no expert but if as you say, its not that bad, fingers crossed its not a prolapse or the bladder or any other bit. Hopefully the gynae can give you some exercises to help. If it is a prolapse, my understanding is that there are surgical options but genearlly only if you've finished having kids or ring/pessary things you can use to hold everything in.

My DD is 23 wks now and from birth (vaginal delivery v large baby - 1lbs) I've had a similar feeling- like something poking thru vaginal entrance sometimes. I also have to wee all the time, worse than at 40wks pregenant. It has got better over time but not as quickly as I hoped. My Doc said i was more likely to have very stretched pelvic floor than a prolapse but either way it feels horrible.

Hope the gynae helps.

GOod luck

GYo Fri 28-Aug-09 14:51:09

thats 11lb baby, not 1lb!

nannyj Fri 28-Aug-09 16:20:51

oh thanks you've made me feel alot better. my baby was 9lb 10oz and even though i had a section they induced me with the drip and i was on the strongest dose for 9 hours so lots going on. I haven't had any incontinence issues and its only the last 3 days i've felt this lump but have had pain for the last 3 weeks like someone has kicked me in the groin.

Came away from the docs with no info really which is annoying. I think you hit the nail on the head it just feels horrible doesn't it. Hope you get better soon too smile

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