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The Mystery of DH's Thigh?

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OrmIrian Fri 28-Aug-09 09:20:23

DH hurt his thigh muscle on Wednesday night playing football (second time after about 8 yrs break hmm). He was in complete agony, painful to the touch. He woke up this morning with no pain at all - a vestige of discomfort if he presses on the area with a finger. What was it? Is there some nerve running down the thigh that could get trapped? Is there anything there to trap it?

Anyone have any solutions to this mystery. He was all set to go to A&E this morning as he was really struggling last night.

sunburntats Fri 28-Aug-09 09:22:36

tis agony.
then feels tender next day but pain gone

OrmIrian Fri 28-Aug-09 09:49:35

But he had it for over 24 hours sunburn. Could cramp last that long?

sunburntats Fri 28-Aug-09 09:53:40 this a case of "man cramp"?
sunburn adjusts her glasses to the end of her nose and purses lips....
its 100 times worse than Ordinary cramp you see, and lasts 100 times longer....

OrmIrian Fri 28-Aug-09 10:04:30

Oh I hear you grin But no I genuinely don't think it was.

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