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About my burn from last night........

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TitsalinaBumsquash Thu 27-Aug-09 11:38:17

I had it dressed in gauzy type stuff last night at the hospital, but the big blister seems to have burst underneith it and there is some seriously icky stuff coming out of it and it smells pretty bad to (sorry tmi) i have a drs apt at 3.10pm this arfternoon, what do you think they will do? Im going on holiday on Satrday and i don't want anything ruining it!

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 27-Aug-09 13:45:35

Not seen your previous thread. They might send you back to the hospital to have it redressed unless there is a practice nurse who does dressings. If its infected then I suppose it will be antibiotics.

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