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hercules1 Wed 26-Aug-09 20:33:41

I spent £2k on an implant last year and have to lose another tooth now. I am 35 and my choices are to have a bridge - £1200(this when gives up then I'll lose the healthy tooth next to it and have 2 spaces then - dentists says 8-10 years for the life of the bridge - does that sound right?).
or spend another 2k on an implant.

We have just spent over 10 grand on house renovations so really cant spare the money until after xmas.

THe implant would have to be started straightaway although I can pay in installments whilst the bridge could wait a little longer.

beesonmummyshead Wed 26-Aug-09 21:29:36

I'd have an implant. For the sake of £800 (I know its a lot) is it not better to have a permanent fixture, and you could pay by installments, so possibly could pay £800 by christmas, or shortly after, thus the lump sum you'd need to find after xmas would be for the same amount.

A i making any sense? not entirely sure I am grin

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