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Baby with swollen lip

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kikidee Mon 30-May-05 18:19:41

DH was looking after DS (13 months) today and he fell this morning and now has a very swollen lip. He didn't hit anything when he fell so we think it was just a tooth that hit the lip. I've just come in from work and it really is very swollen. He's also dribbling a lot as his mouth is open as a result of the swelling. DH thinks it's nothing to worry about and the swelling will go down overnight. I thought I would ask wise Mumsnetters for their thoughts. Should we get it checked or will it just sort itself out?

Aero Mon 30-May-05 18:37:06

Think your Dh is right and it probably will go well down overnight.

Saacsmum Mon 30-May-05 21:35:35

it is probably too late now but ice can reduce swelling. if the child isnt keen to have a flannel containing ice held to lip as many arent then you can give an iceblock.

kikidee Mon 30-May-05 22:25:42

Thanks Saacsmum - why didn't I think of that? He's developing a cracker of a bruise on his chin but the lip seems a bit less swollen. DH says I need to toughen up - not sure how I'll get through the rough and tumble of the next few years!

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