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Chronic pain in lower back on one side...Urinary Tract Infection?

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Chocol8 Mon 30-May-05 18:18:42

This has been going on for over a week but the last 2 days have been unbearable. I had blood in my urine yesterday and 600mg ibroprofen are just not touching the pain at all.

The nurse said I have a UTI, but it feels like kidney stones from my memory of the pain (unbearable) 10 years ago. The pain is shooting down my leg regularly and into my side every so often.

Can anyone shed any light on this please?

noddyholder Mon 30-May-05 18:46:32

Blood in your urine GO TO A&E!!!!

lalaa Mon 30-May-05 18:48:03

this sounds like a UTI that's got up to your kidneys and you need antibiotics quickly. go to a&e.

Chocol8 Mon 30-May-05 19:09:01

The nurse gave me Trimethorprim 200mg tablets to be taken at 12 hour intervals for 3 days. It's ok, the blood was in my urine yesterday morning - I thought my period was early, but then nothing and have had nothing since, just extreme pain.

Will have to teach my son to undo the locks tonight incase I have to call a doctor and can't make it downstairs (town house) myself.

I googled Trimethorprim and it seems to take care of simple UTI's - but I wouldn't say there was anything simple about the level of pain I am having. Also the nurse said the pain was too low for kidney pain...I dunno, just want the pain to subside for a while.

noddyholder Mon 30-May-05 19:11:26

I would still go to a&e

Hayls Mon 30-May-05 19:46:58

I had a really bad kidney infection last yuear and felt dreadful- shivery, flu-like with pains in my lower back. I had to try several different antibiotics before one kicked in and they were threatening to admit me for IV antibiotics. I waited a few days before going to the gp (was on hols) so I think you should go to a&e asap. COuld you try calling NHS Direct?

hunkermunker Mon 30-May-05 19:48:14

Trimethoprim's what DS was given for his UTI a couple of months ago. It worked SO quickly - he was much brighter after the first dose. I hope that it works as well for you.

Chocol8 Tue 31-May-05 09:10:34

Wow, Hunkermunker - yes, Trimethorprim has worked wonders - I took it at 6pm last night and again at 6am today and feel at least 90% better! I'm impressed and relieved

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