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What can I do to help him?

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veryconfusedandupset Wed 26-Aug-09 12:42:52

Someone I know and care about a lot - male aged 47 - seems to be heading for disaster on the health front. Does anyone know what will happen to him if he doesn't sort himself out and have any idea how I can help him? Stressful job, always works when ill. He is quite tall - 6'2" and borderline on being very fat - large belly, has to wear braces. Eats rubbish - lots of takeaways, esp. at lunch time and drinks Dr Pepper constantly, like water. Smokes, had cut down but now 15 a day on the pay back up to the previous 40. Has Asthma. This year has been on antibiotics for pleurisy and had very noisy chest and infections on other occasions. Finds exercise a bit difficult as has had serious foot and back ops, though does walk his dogs. What does the future hold for him? how can he be encouraged to change?

HolyGuacamole Wed 26-Aug-09 23:07:12


tulpe Thu 27-Aug-09 13:46:41

Sounds like he won't change until he is ready, which may possibly be at the point at which he has some kind of major scare.

Have you tried talking to him? Does he live alone? (just thinking about options regarding meals etc).

aliasdictus Fri 28-Aug-09 22:22:37

Hi there, it's quite difficult without proper knowledge of his condition and various profiles but there are some fairly sensible guidelines. However it's a question of making the best of a bad job. Ideally he should see his GP to get his Lipids, Blood Pressure and Scoring done -BUT most men won't and on this basis I give you this advice.
He is very likely heading for a fall, either a heart attack (250,000 pa of which 100,000 die). a cancer of some sort- most due to smoking are nasty, increasing non-reversible chest problems and diabetes as a start. Most men ignore it all and take the ostrich view so you have to suggest bit by bit and really encourage even small changes.

The most important is to cut down or even give up smoking, if he can then some studies have shown up to 17 years extra life depending on age. After about 4 to 5 years his cancer risk will be approaching normal again. Long term chest problems will also be considerably reduced.
Try and get him to lose half a stone ASAP as this can help lessen the risk of developing diabetes, get him in particular to reduce the carbohydrates, that is sweets, rice, pasta, bread and potatoes. He will only lose weight by reducing his intake.
Suggest he starts taking a good dose of Cod Liver Oil or any Omega 3 oil, the cheapest is best, at least 1000mg a day as this will help reduce any risk due to high Cholesterol and also help his joints which will now be developing osteo arthritis.
Really important is to get him to exercise, but rather than give something unrealistic make sure he takes the dogs for a least 20 mins every day and fast enough so that he gets himself a little short of breath as he does so.
Warn him that his teeth will fall out from drinking all the fizzy drink.

If he prefers not to do any of this then at least get him to fill out a donor card as at least 20 other patients could ultimately benefit.
Good luck and by and large the same advice applies to all the men who are cherished by partners here.

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