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poppy101 Mon 30-May-05 12:38:51

What on earth can I give my lo to help him ? 9 months old and really suffering. Up all night with him, and today he has really been off all his food and off all drinks and milk.

Over the last 24 have tried calpol, bonjela and now on the herbal granules.

Tried offering cold food for him to chew on but doesn't want anything put in his mouth.

Any advice ?

hunkermunker Mon 30-May-05 12:42:43

Medised. It's paracetamol, so don't give with Calpol, but it will help him sleep (it has a tiny amount of antihistamine in it - it's for babies 3 months and older). Then if he's had a better night's sleep, he may be less off-colour during the day (and so will you!).

poppy101 Mon 30-May-05 12:45:33

Do you know if supermarkets stock this ? if so I will pop out and get some ?

hunkermunker Mon 30-May-05 12:50:38

If there's an instore pharmacy, then yes, but you can't buy it off the shelf.

poppy101 Tue 31-May-05 19:47:21

In the end contacted the nhs hotline and they were really helpful. My lo was refusing to drink anything and we really panicked. Still being a little bit funny, eating a very small amount but starting to drink some milk and water. Hasn't had a great deal of milk today only about 13floz will try and give some more later tonight, baby is absolutely shattered and wants to sleep so think that this might be the best thing for him. He is going for a check up tomorrow so will query with doctor tomorrow

dejags Tue 31-May-05 19:49:18

just a thought Poppy. My DS is also 9 months (or will be next week). He is also up at night and very unhappy, he has chronic ear infection but no fever. It may be worth getting the doctor to check him over.

poppy101 Tue 31-May-05 19:51:25

I have been checking for temperature etc. but he seems fine in that way, it looks like he has good signs of teething but just wish that his appetite would pick up.

dejags Tue 31-May-05 19:53:14

That's what I thought too. I didn't take him to the docs initially because he didn't have a temparature. In the end I took him out of desparation and found out about the ears (they are completely full of fluid and despite 2 courses of antibiotics and cortisone they haven't cleared). Three weeks later we are still having hellish nights and he is having surgery on Thursday.

Hope the teeth spring out soon.

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