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baby's tummy bloated

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hazlinh Mon 30-May-05 03:12:02

dd at 15 mths always has a tummy which looks really bloated. but she seems perfectly fine and healthy otherwise. is a bloated tummy a sign of any health problems?

ghosty Mon 30-May-05 03:23:28

How bloated is bloated hazlinh? My DD (16 months on the 3rd June) looks pregnant! All babies and toddlers have fat tummies ... or most do ...
My DS (5yrs) is only just losing his toddler tummy!

hazlinh Mon 30-May-05 03:42:29

hiya ghosty!! how are you?

yeah dd looks pregnant too!! lol

can't believe your ds is only now losing tummy!!

feel a bit better i guess i was worrying for nothing...

sallycinnamon Mon 30-May-05 10:28:54

My dd aged 2.3 has a huge belly and always has done so much so that her pants struggle to stay up. The doc looked at me as if I'd gone completely mad when I asked him to check. She looks like she drinks about 12 pints of Guiness a day!

hazlinh Tue 31-May-05 05:26:05

wow!! lol

yes...did think of taking her to the doctor's just to check...but i can imagine the puzzled/annoyed look i'd get!!

emeraldefmach Tue 31-May-05 08:05:31

I think some children have 'toddler's tum'. My son had an impressive stomach for years. Usually as they grow, the tum disappears. I think his problem was worsened by wind too!! So long as they seem healthy, I wouldn't worry.

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