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Alas poor cigarette, I knew you well

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mummylonglegs Sun 29-May-05 22:49:45

Message deleted

hunkermunker Sun 29-May-05 22:50:12

Ooh, MLL! Have you quit the dreaded weed?

huggybear Sun 29-May-05 22:51:33

good for you! i keep meaning to but never get around to it....

mummylonglegs Sun 29-May-05 22:54:31

Message deleted

hunkermunker Sun 29-May-05 23:01:32

Aha! Well, well done and keep on fighting - it's worth it! Especially with the price of cigarettes now - eek! I don't know how anybody can afford to smoke, I really don't!

charliecat Mon 30-May-05 10:07:34

Morning < yawns and ponders why she has a headache and looks 92> I am now on 6 months and 3 days woohoo...Cannot belive you faked your spelling

expatinscotland Mon 30-May-05 10:37:32

Keep fighting, mummy! Some of us are here shoring up the battle lines. Before I had kids, I was a pack a day smoker.

Don't give up giving up!

Toothache Mon 30-May-05 10:41:15

I've started smoking again. With all the sh*t over the past 2 months I've started having a few when I'm drinking of an evening.

whymummy Mon 30-May-05 11:02:23

you're doing so well mummylonglegs,i'm preparing myself mentally and hopefully i will try again in the next two weeks or maybe next week after my mum's operation
well done MLL

evansmummy Mon 30-May-05 13:07:48

6 days today! Woo-hoo. How's the head, cc?

mummylonglegs Mon 30-May-05 14:47:01

Message deleted

mummylonglegs Mon 30-May-05 14:49:11

Message deleted

Toothache Mon 30-May-05 14:59:23

MLL - I gave up last January when I was about 7wks pg with dd. Never really felt like smoking. I only really ever smoked 1 or 2 a day, but always smoked lots when I was drinking. I couldn't believe how easy it was not to smoke after dd was born! I really thought I'd done it.... was getting quite self righteous to DH about it too.

But he still smokes and one night after a massive row (one of many) I had a few drinks and a couple of cigarettes.

charliecat Mon 30-May-05 16:47:35

Nightmare toothy, if you are only having a couple in the evening the best thing you can do is not have any tonight...or tommorow. Or give yourself tonight to say farewell to them. They do creep up on you slowly.
Love the thread title BTW
Evansmummy nearly a whole week woohoo...
Im pleased to report that the past 3 days have whoosed maybe the 6 month mark for me was a bit like your 18th takes ages to get to it and then time runs at double pace anf the next thing you know your 24.
I have recovered from my hangover....phoar. Ran out of drink now so ill be sober for a while
We went to a bootsale for a gerbil tank, couldnt find one so went to the tip where they sel stuff and got 2 for 6 quid. i have set that up for the gerbys and now we are having a BBQ..mmmm

evansmummy Mon 30-May-05 18:08:21

cc, you're not bbq'ing the gerbils???

toothache - i made the same mistake after my pregnancy; just smoking in the evenings when ds was in bed. Then it became during afternoon naps, then morning ones, then getting dh to look after the baby while i went for a smoke. Awful... Careful, cos it will creep up on you, that's its job!! Then, as mll says, you just realise you're a prisoner, and you start longing for the freedom. We're all here for you when you decide you're ready!

mll, love the thread title. Unfortunately, i don't feel like i've really stopped knowing the cigarette, nor have i really attained that freedom.

And it's my turn to get the drinks in tonight! It's your fault, cc!!

Nearly 7 days!!! When do you stop counting, incidentally? Or do we make a point of counting forever, as reformed addicts??

charliecat Mon 30-May-05 18:13:45

BBQed gerbys...nope im a vegetarian but dp might be tempted
The counting thing? Hmmmm dont know, I have a counter on the pc that tells me every second how long its been which i did ignore for a while but when it got to something like 5 months and 2 days I thought OMG thats nearly 6 months and I was so chuffed and I couldnt wait t actually get to that 6 month point. I will probably not be so obsessed wiht it now and start rejoicing at the year mark again.

dropinthe Mon 30-May-05 18:51:40

Love the new name! God,am SO glad I don't smoke now-have the cold and chest infection from hell and have felt so ill since Friday-had a REALLY crap weekend and didnt have to work this Saturday for the first time in over 6 weeks-its so unfair! Have spent most of today trying to clear up the mess everyone has created round me while I have been ill.Am feeling really sorry for myself but proud of you MML-you are doing great!
Whymummy-what op does your Mum have to have-is she in Spain? Wishing her luck and you hugs!
Why does life kick you in the guts so bloody often?

mummylonglegs Mon 30-May-05 22:06:24

Message deleted

whymummy Mon 30-May-05 22:08:45

hi drop,is not life threatening but she's having an eye removed on thursday and i'm just worried about her state of mind afterwards and is upsetting me but no more excuses,i will get rid of those evil sticks soon!!!
congratulations to all of you,well done

whymummy Mon 30-May-05 22:09:36

posts crossed MLL

mummylonglegs Mon 30-May-05 22:30:00

Message deleted

mummylonglegs Tue 31-May-05 22:24:39

Message deleted

charliecat Tue 31-May-05 22:50:19

Sorry fine...friends over...hows you?

mummylonglegs Tue 31-May-05 22:53:02

Message deleted

charliecat Wed 01-Jun-05 08:32:53

It will stop providing you dont have one on one those of those times. Remeber the first few days were just like one big long urge...well reread that last message...sounds promising doesnt it?

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