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really bad nappy rash

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KathH Sun 29-May-05 14:03:10

ds2 has had the squits for a couple of days. He's fine in himself but his little bot's become bright, bright red and there's been a drop of blood on one of the nastier looking sores. I've started using metanium today as thats worked in the past altho its never been this bad before but feel really bad as babies bottoms are supposed to be all soft and cuddly! Any advice? Trust it to happen on a bank holiday weekend!

singsong Sun 29-May-05 18:28:01

Can you leave his nappy off for a bit so the air can get to his sore bottom?

Risky I know if he has the squits but maybe you could put a clean towel under him for a while.

angelcakeumm Sun 29-May-05 18:32:11

My son had v4ery bad nappy rash after the squirts when he was alot younger and i used metanium and it really worked. I would do what your doing maybe bath him to sooth it before bed then put cream on and clean nappy for the night

KathH Mon 30-May-05 08:07:28

Thanks - looking a bit better today so guess the metanium's doing its stuff! Also stopped using baby wipes and using cotton wool and warm water which i think helped.

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