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Pain in Uterus? Worried

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Calmriver Sat 28-May-05 19:49:57

I have had pain really low down in my tummy(where they scan you for scan 1)Sort of ovary area. This has also been with pain in low back, hips,etc. I have been a bit dizzy and nauseas too.
Went to the doctor. He asked whether I was preggars, NO. He is sending me for a 'swob' test next Thursday.

It's really bugging me, and sore.

Flossam Sat 28-May-05 19:53:12

Have you checked your temp? And have you tested for pregnancy? Sorry, I did see the caps but it's always worth testing IMO if there is the slightest chance. Could be as simple as ovulation, maybe infection lots of could be's really, including a UTI??

jampots Sat 28-May-05 19:54:35

calmriver - i was like this last week!! Didnt even consider preg test. my hips really ached and it sort of felt like i was contracting - hope it was just a bug or something

Calmriver Sat 28-May-05 19:57:37

I have done 2 tests, but no. No temps. I know it's probably nothing, but the fact that it hurts, I can't really forget about it.

I thought it may be ovulation, as I have been b/fing the past 9 months, and have recently cut down to 1 feed a day. Maybe p's starting, but it has been like this for a week oor so.?

Flossam Sat 28-May-05 20:00:33

Has doc done swab now? If so hope that that shows something. No symptoms at all of a urine infection? Freguency of needing to go, stinging, foul smelling etc? Hopefully it will go away on its own. If it dosen't, please go to a GUM clinic. No stigma attached, and not suggesting you have anything. But I have had pelvic inflammatory disease several times over, and getting a diagnoses was a battle every time. Gp's aren't very up on it as far as I can tell. GUM clinics are specialist areas and much more thorough. Please don't sit and be ignored.

Calmriver Sat 28-May-05 20:03:32

What is a GUM clinic, and how to do appointment thing?

Flossam Sat 28-May-05 20:05:04

Contact your local hospital. Where abouts are you? A GUM clinic stands for genito-urinary medicine. They specialise in yer bits!

Calmriver Sat 28-May-05 20:07:57

Kingston, thanks a lot, swob not done till a weeks time, and horrible waiting.

Flossam Sat 28-May-05 20:18:17

Your swab should be done much quicker than that. You may have an infection that would have cleared up by then. Where is Kingston? I will try and look up stuff for you.

Calmriver Sun 29-May-05 09:36:34

Kingston-upon-Thames, SW London/border Surrey.
I have been thinking that too, but you know what these doctors are like!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Calmriver Sun 29-May-05 20:07:35

Well, I went to the doc at the hospital today.

The doc actually did a urine test( something my doc was too lzy to do obviously!!!)and amazingly found i HAVE A BLADDER INFECTION. hAD FOR ABOUT 2 WEEKS.
My doc told me on Fri to have a swob done on Thursday next week!!!!!what?
Thank Goodness I didn't wait that long!
It's been really sore.

Flossam Sun 29-May-05 20:10:23

Sorry CR, saw your post earlier but had no time. Glad you have been hopefully sorted. You were right to chase it up. Your GP sounds like a waste of space. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Calmriver Sun 29-May-05 20:19:46

Thanks Flossam! It's great how you can make friends and know they will always be able to chat back so quickly!

Flossam Sun 29-May-05 20:26:49

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