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Tummy Bug?

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NotQuiteCockney Sat 28-May-05 17:11:43

DS1 seems to have a weird tummy bug now, and it's wearing me out.

Tuesday afternoon, he went off-colour. We put him to bed. In the middle of the night, he threw up hamburger (just that portion of tea, nothing else) all over the bed. (ugh) Slept badly, even after throwing up.

He was also warm, although not (I think) feverish. He stayed home Wednesday, although we left the house at 3, as he had perked up. Thursday, he was a bit off, but perked up by 11 or so. He faded a bit in the evening, but slept well.

Friday morning, he ate some breakfast and went to school. We met up with friends in the park, but DS1 was horrid. We came home, and he went to bed (at 5pm!). We got him up (gently) at 8pm, kept him up to 10pm, and he went to bed. Slept well.

He's sort-of ok. But he's still not eating. We went out for lunch, and he didn't even eat calmari! I made him a smoothie when we got home, he had a tiny bit. He's only just barely having breakfast. (He is taking lots of fluid, mostly water, and some milk.)

And now I think I've got it. I feel distinctly off and green, and although wobbly, not hungry.

I'm guessing this is just something we have to sit out. We're off to my in-laws, tomorrow, though, for whom food is love, and our refusal to eat will be seen as the equivalent of sitting down for a good poo on the new carpet. Gah.

Any suggestions?

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