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Weird boob spot - antibiotics?

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maize Thu 20-Aug-09 23:32:09

I developed a spot on my breast a few days ago I picked at it examined it a few times and it did 'pop'

Now its flattened out and has a scab on it with a teeny bit of gunk underneath it (vile i know) but it has a quite large ring of light pink around it which is warm. The spot looks like it is healing up, its only about 5mm diameter but the ring of pink around it is maybe 3cm diameter.

Do I need to go to the doctors? I would rather not have to fork out for a prescription because money is a bit tight. Or will it heal on its own?

I am not breastfeeding and its near the top of my breast so not anywhere I would sweat or near my nipples.

PilotLight Fri 21-Aug-09 13:31:12

Hi I had this under my boob and when I picked the scab it literally caved in like a crater [yeeeuck emoticon!]. I went to the practice nurse and she dressed it with an antibacterial waterproof dressing which I kept on for a few days, by which time it had healed. I would get it seen to by a nurse if I were you, just so it doesn't get any worse.

maize Fri 21-Aug-09 16:45:55

Thanks. It has healed a lot today but I have developed another sore lumpy spot just beneath it over night sad will see how they are over the weekend.

maize Fri 21-Aug-09 22:42:54

Sorry to bump this but my second lumpy spot is very sore and uncomfy and I am feeling very sorry for myself. I am due on as well so have really achey boobs on top of pain from spot.

Any ideas?

blondissimo Sat 22-Aug-09 14:31:12

Aw bless you.

Perhaps put an ice cube on it, or some Savlon or Germolene? I know it's a pain, but if it's still sore by Monday, maybe see the nurse even if it's just for some advice.

Hope it's better soon.

Oh, and have a cup of tea and a few biscuits whilst watching some trashy tv in your pyjamas - always helps the PMT grin!

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