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Itchy mole

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decena Thu 20-Aug-09 18:44:12

I am fair skinned but with very few moles. I have a small one about 4mm, really just a round flat red mark, under my bra strap on my back. It often gets itchy and I got my GP to look at it about 10 years ago. They said it was nothing to worry about and it was irritated by my bra.
It has never changed shape, size, colour but is getting itchier and tingly round about. I would quite like to get it removed to see if that would help.
Anyone else had anything similar?

fufflebum Thu 20-Aug-09 18:54:57

Go and speak to your GP they can offer advice on this.

Many years ago I was at the GP for something else and she spotted a mole under my arm and offered to remove it as it got in the way. It was a simple painless op.

Make an appointment....

Cymbeline Thu 20-Aug-09 18:58:36

You should probably go back and ask them to take it off...just in case it's turning into something more serious iyswim.

Hopefully it's just a nuisance but they can only tell if they have it in their possession, not just by looking at it.

HTH, I have one too in a similar place, really annoying!

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