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2 weeks post c-section, bleeding restarted after stopping completely

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stinkymalinkireturns Thu 20-Aug-09 17:59:37

My post-delivery lochia bleeding had stopped pretty much completely, then after getting up close and personal with DP (though no actual penetrationblush) yesterday morning, i've started bleeding again, a lot more than before, kind of like a standard period, associated with a slight low achey discomfort.

Without being too TMI, its not bright red like period blood, more a dark reddy-brown like red wine, and quite watery. i'm having to change a pad every 4-6 hours, whereas prior to yesterday morning i was just using a panty liner daily more for 'in case'. Is this normal, or should i be concerned? DP is terrified he's caused me some sort of internal damageshock

NotEvenTheTrees Thu 20-Aug-09 18:04:33

If you're only 2 weeks post partum you'll still be under midwife care. I'd call for a chat.

You can start bleeding again if you do too much too soon but that's usually bright red blood.

Are you well? Any offensive smell?

GreenPeas Thu 20-Aug-09 18:04:39

Oh, I had exactly this, post CS. There I was thinking that "6 weeks" post delivery bleeding was a massive overstatement and then it picked up again, as you described. Totally annoying but, in my experience, it was totally normal.


stinkymalinkireturns Thu 20-Aug-09 18:35:40

Thanks for your replies.

The midwife is due for a visit tomorrow so i'll ask then. I am otherwise well, and no offensive smell, just a slight intermittent low achey discomfort as previously mentioned (but that could just be from my caesarean scar site). I have probably been overdoing it - i'm not very good at the whole resting thing - so i was deliberately taking it easier today to see if things settled which they haven't. I guess i'll see how things go.

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