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Green pooh !!!

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Britabroad Thu 15-May-03 11:10:55

Ds ages two keeps having greenie khaki pooh!! Hasn't been eating crayons, loads of broccoli or anything, so is it anything to worry about? Help!

monkey Thu 15-May-03 12:00:52

How old is he?

Mine at a few months (can't remember exactly) had green poo. Saw doc who just said don't worry. Next time I took in a nappy to show him - by the time I got it there is was glowing neon! Oh - I see what you mean, he said. He sent off a sample for analysis & it came back neg - probably had had a mild tummy bug but had worked its was through his system. See doc if worried. How long has it been going on?

Are you abroad I take it? Where? (Just to be nosey!) Does he otherwise seem ok? I'd be inclined not to worry if he otherwise seems ok tbh.

monkey Thu 15-May-03 12:01:38

sorry - totally blind & overlooked you said he's 2.

Britabroad Thu 15-May-03 12:07:03

Had it off and on for around a month.
We are in Auckland. Have just bought a house here and are too happy.

Britabroad Thu 15-May-03 12:08:21

Will book an appointment at docs tomorrow.
Over here can phone in morning and get an appointment straight away. It's great!

Jimjams Thu 15-May-03 13:26:16

Ummm ds2 had green pooh for ages- although this was staright after birth can indicate too much sugar in poo I seem to remember very rustily. In his case he had a cord infection and was starving! (Although may be different as it was when he was being totally bfed).

Best to get it checked ....

sibble Fri 16-May-03 00:05:35

Hi Britabroad
Is he eating iced cakes from e.g foodtown or pak and Save - the blue ones turn the pooh fluroescent green!!! Thought DS was really sick until worked it out - took about a month of working through foods.
See you this afternoon

Britabroad Fri 16-May-03 00:10:41

Hi Sibble dont forget wine in brown paper bag!!

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