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Pregnant with a horrible cold - what can I take ?

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Tillyscoutsmum Thu 20-Aug-09 12:38:42

I haven't really got the energy to walk to the pharmacy to ask [feeling sorry for myself emoticon]

I've got a really nasty head cold - very congested, sore throat, swollen glands with ear ache/neck ache/tooth ache/head ache.

I've been taking paracetamol but its not really doing much. I am 23 weeks pg. Any good "natural" remedies ? Or anything I can get DH to pick up from pharmacy on the way home (mainly for congestion)


Tillyscoutsmum Thu 20-Aug-09 13:29:00

Pathetic bump

Plonketyplonk Thu 20-Aug-09 20:01:07

Lemon and honey might help. You may be able to use a bit of olbas oil for congestion, or even holding your head over a bowl of hot water can ease it a bit.

NotEvenTheTrees Thu 20-Aug-09 20:02:42

Aww. It's horrid.

Paracetamol. Steam. Sleep.

lilymolly Thu 20-Aug-09 20:05:06

I had exactly the same thing at xmas and was told not to take anything for decongestion....especially psudoephrine or the like (sudafed)

I took great big gulps of medised grin

It eased my congestion and helped me sleep.

Not sure its 100% safe but ds is now 20 weeks and thriving smile

MrsJamin Thu 20-Aug-09 20:29:59

Lemon, honey and ginger with hot water, and if you don't mind a little alcohol, a bit of whisky!

Andrea157 Thu 20-Aug-09 21:40:40


Whilst pregnant with my daughter I continually had colds (6 in all I think) I was told the only thing I could take (that was safe) was paracetemol, honey and lemon or Halls Soothers. I was told by my midwife DO NOT take things like Strepsils or Ibubrofen!!

Try and rest as much as possible with a hot water bottle, also if your decongested try sitting in the shower room with the door closed and shower on full whack to create lots of steam, which I found helpful. Try and drink as much fluid as possible - replaces all the fluid you loose due to mucus / blowing your nose etc.

Hope this is helpful and I hope your feeling better soon.

Tillyscoutsmum Fri 21-Aug-09 08:07:34

Thanks all. I think I might make an appointment at the GP - I've now got big white ulcers on my throat/tonsils so not sure if its some kind of throat infection. I don't even know whether they will prescribe anti b's ??

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