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Dd has worms. Please talk to me about cleaning...

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snickersnack Thu 20-Aug-09 00:26:53

She's been waking up crying at night and saying her bottom is itchy and tonight I spotted one. Yuck. So off to the pharmacy tomorrow but what about cleaning. If I change all our bedding tomorrow post treatment when should I change it again? What temp wash do we need? I saw a reference to scrubbing the house - everywhere or just the bathroom? And what about the toys? All of those? <deep sigh. Am going to make sure I recount this to my teenage stepsister in great detail who was telling me the other day she wants a baby. Should put her off for a decade or so...>

skybright Thu 20-Aug-09 00:42:37

Wash all the bedding,give surfaces a good spray with anti bac,hoover.Change all towels.

I would wash at 50 degrees.

I did it the day after treatment as i think it is pretty fast working,i would do this every cuople of days and give a second treatment two weeks later.

Oh and cut her nail and buy a nailbrush.

Poor little one they are awful.

Angifi Thu 20-Aug-09 00:52:33

The idea is to dust with a damp cloth because the eggs are dispersed in the dust,apparently.It's especially important in the bedroom and bathroom.I have heard that taking olive leaf extract will ward off pin worms.It's good for pregnant women as they can't take the other stuff.
Good luck.My dd also gets them and it really upsets her.Thank goodness for the chocolate squares!

ThingOne Thu 20-Aug-09 21:47:47

My GP advised me to wash my son's pjs and bedding daily for six weeks from the day of the first treatment. I decided against this wink.

I did cut finger nails. I did ensure everyone's hands were washed very thoroughly on a regular basis. Both boys had clean pjs every day or two for the first fortnight. I changed the sheets as often as I could be bothered.

The advice is that everyone in the family should be treated. We got it all free on prescription. One bottle for the first treatment and one for the second. It's the same dose for adults and two year olds up. My poor teeny tiny three year old had quite a sore bottom. But all gone now.

whingingDailyHateMail Thu 20-Aug-09 21:58:19

Wash everyones bottoms first thing every morning for next few days, to wash away eggs that have been laid overnight.

New toothbrushes[vom] is a good idea, and don't shake the bedding/pjs when you change them, the eggs can survive for quite a while. Soon be gone thoughsmile

snickersnack Thu 20-Aug-09 22:43:43

Thanks everyone (sorry, have been at work all day - went for lunch in a Malaysian cafe with a client who ordered rice vermicelli, which was a bit disturbing after last night's encounter).

We have done the fingernail cutting and scrubbing, dh has been ironing bedding and knickers all evening, and we've vacuumed thoroughly, bleached the bathroom and sterilised the bath toys shock. She's got clean pjs tonight - will change her knickers in the morning, and will change the sheets again in a couple of days. Am washing at a higher temperature than usual as well.

We boiled the toothbrushes this morning and will replace them at the weekend.

Everyone has taken their worm medicine and dire threats about the consequences of not washing hands properly have been issued by me to the entire household.

Didn't think about the not shaking of the bedding/pjs. Grrr - am now worrying the little buggers are all over the kitchen floor. Yuck yuck yuck.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Thu 20-Aug-09 22:59:15

God I can remember having these when I was little - horrid, and the medicine tasted disgusting.

Hope you get rid of them all soon.

mathanxiety Fri 21-Aug-09 06:44:23

Oh that is funny about the vermicelli.. Trim the nails and use a nailbrush. Damp dust everywhere, and clean the bathroom really thoroughly by mopping and damp-wiping, esp places like the handle of the loo and the doorhandles. Hoover like crazy then dispose of the bag, or if it's a bagless one, damp wipe the canister.. A hot wash of your DDs and all the rest of the family bedding is needed, as well as all the family's underwear, pjs and the towels. Hot ironing will help. I thought the treatment required the whole family to take the pills, but they won't let you take them if you're pregnant because of danger to the baby.

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