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anyone know about Liver stuff?? please help

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Darrens liver results have always been "off" since he started chemo 5 months ago, but they said they would settle. Well they havent and his billirubin in double the amount it should be, and all other LFTs have just this week gone inot normal range (but at top of).
They are sending him for scans and doing more tests.

They said about stones, but i thiought that stones would be like gall stones??
I know they have to consider secondary cancers (fingers crossed its not)

what else could it be?


WobblyPig Thu 20-Aug-09 00:13:30

Secondary cancers would be a consideration.
Gallstones can affect the liver but normally show up easily on scans.
It may be the chemo / other meds themselves.
Bilirubin can also be raised as a result of excessive blood cell destruction which would not be expected to cause elevation of other liver function tests.

Do you know what meds he is on ?

his on iron and also his daily chemo is imatapnib (not sure i spelt that right). His white cells are back to normal now.
thanks for answering i hate this not knowing


SpawnChorus Thu 20-Aug-09 19:00:18

Is there a possibility it could be Gilbert's Syndrome?

Some people have a slightly different liver function which leads to higher than normal bilirubin levels. It's something you're born with and has no impact on life expectancy. I don't think it even needs any treatment.

I assume that it's also a positive sign that Darren's liver function tests came back as otherwise normal! Wishing you all well x

I guess it could be but really guess we have to wait for more tests Some days it just gets too much, always seems to be something. (sorry Im a depressing cow)

All very odd as other liver test have been high in the last few months but now they are acting, which scarces us a little i guess.

SpawnChorus Thu 20-Aug-09 19:20:46

The waiting must be awful <<tight squeeze>>

sorry I know so many people are worse off than me, but Im just having a bad few days. It was just such a huge shock yesterday, we were hoping for postive result and all we got was crap news and lost results.
sorry for moaning

SpawnChorus Thu 20-Aug-09 20:21:35

God NOTHING to be sorry for! Hope you get lots of good news next time.

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