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how do kids endure the pain of scrubbed knees!

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pickyvic Wed 19-Aug-09 19:16:21

i have a new found respect for all the poor little grazed knees i have tended over the years.

last night i went arse over tit on the drive, ive broken my big toe and grazed my knees really badly -
now i have given birth to 2 children (and one without pain relief)....but i have to admit i blubbed like a big baby over my scrubbed knees!
it bloody hurts. never again will i tell anyone poor wee mite to be brave!

*hobbling feeble emoticon*

chuckeyegg Thu 20-Aug-09 08:48:28

Hope your feeling a bit better, I thought I'd cracked a rib last week. I was in real pain but I think they are badly bruised.

I always had scabby knees as a child and I remembering it hurting.

I think as an adult you really fall hard maybe it's because we weigh a bit more. wink

pickyvic Thu 20-Aug-09 17:56:12

i weigh alot more! lol

thanks though....i just cant believe how much it hurts! i cant even sleep under the covers in case they touch my knees.! i am being a big wuss but its still hurting, especially if ive been sitting and then try to stand or vice see littleys running about with their little knees scrubbed -
respect! lol

CarGirl Thu 20-Aug-09 17:58:09

I vividly remember falling over around the age of 7 and taking out huge chunks of flesh and the school nurse having to try and pick out the playground grit.

I have never forgotton the agony and crying when having a bath and trying to take the plaster off.

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