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Anyone else with unexplained joint pain?

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blahdiblahblah Tue 18-Aug-09 22:52:58

Just have to share....
Have had joints issues for nearly 2 years now.
Actually it probably started a few years previous to that with my wrist but in the last 2 years has been affecting several joints - wrists, ankles, knees.
I have had every blood test under the sun - all came back normal which is great but so frustrating as I was no closer to resolving it.
I have had doctors say they think it is arthritis but the results have thrown them.
3 weeks ago I landed a big job and went out to celebrate. I often (most nights) have a glass or 2 of wine at home, but with food and over time. Well on this night out I had 3 glasses of wine in quick succession - got pretty tipsy, and woke up in agony at 3 am with sore knees. Googled alcohol and joint pain and it seems many people have this - it is some kind of reaction! SOmething doctors don't seem to be aware of.
I have not drunk for 3 weeks and I have NO JOINT PAIN! I can't believe how simply solved this was
Hate not being able to drink (although had many years of mad partying so I shouldn't complain) - and will only drink the odd glass of organic wine from now on (less sulphites).
Anyway the reason I am posting is that if anyone else has joint problems, this could help. I know how agonising and sometimes debilitating it can be

piprabbit Tue 18-Aug-09 22:55:54

I used to get joint pain in my jaw after drinking red wine (among other aches and pains). Turns out I have SLE, which is now in remission, the jaw ache has gone and I'm free to indulge once again.
Interested to hear about the impact on your knee pains - I thought I was a bit of a freak smile. Thanks for the info.

southeastastra Tue 18-Aug-09 23:03:22

yes hangovers can cause awful cramp, de hydration dontcha know

TotalChaos Tue 18-Aug-09 23:06:55

how helpful SEA hmm. Interesting post - I've had a lot of pain in my legs earlier this summer (triggered apparently by humidity), but coincidentally have had much less recently, and I've been drinking less, so wonder if that's helped....

Heated Tue 18-Aug-09 23:13:08

This could be me, except I rarely drink, so sadly have to rule that idea out but glad you've come across the answer Bladidadah. They're sticking with the rheumatoid arthritis idea with me, as an autoimmune link with an underactive thyroid.

I am starting to take supplements that might also help, and lessen the need for anti-inflammatories, maybe.

southeastastra Tue 18-Aug-09 23:14:54

sorry not sure why i got a hmm there

MuppetsMuggle Tue 18-Aug-09 23:24:53

heated I'm the same as you in one way.
I currently have sciatica, trochanteric bursitis, sacro illiac dysfunction, bulging spinal discs, raynards disease. according to my physio and specialist at the hospital I've got a deconditioning of the muscles across my lower back and pelvis and legs due to not sitting down and pushing myself on a good day so the next day its double the pain, which makes it very hard to do day to day normal things and will take a very long time to put right as i've had it for about 6yrs.
I'm also under physio therapy to strengthen my muscles and joints, hydrotherapy and the rheumatologists at the hospital.
Am on short course of steriods, but constant courses of anti-inflammatories and painkillers.

Heated Tue 18-Aug-09 23:38:49

Oh Muppets, that sounds horribly painful; I'm no way as bad as you. Do you take any supplements, like glucosamine with chondroitin?

When dosed with anti-inflammatories I work out on a cross trainer to build muscle tone, it's low impact so hopefully won't damage the joints.

But my hair has suddenly gone all weak and thin, but can't work out whether it's the condition, the anti-flams, the omeprazole to counter the anti-flams or the thyroxine that's causing it.

blahdiblahblah Wed 19-Aug-09 00:00:13

I am sorry you are experiencing that, Muppets, sounds painful
I have heard collagen is very good for joint pain too?

SouthEastAstra you got a hmm cos we are talking about severe joint pain, not hungover dehydration aches? Although dehydration does make it worse....

MuppetsMuggle Wed 19-Aug-09 08:29:53

Yeah I take supplements costs a fortune in H&Bs every 3 mths lol.

I have a gym ball, I can't over do the exercise as my muscles have gone to other way as apposed to when we exercise they get stronger mine get weaker

CMOTdibbler Wed 19-Aug-09 09:14:10

I had really bad joint pain for 5 years. Every test came back negative. Then I saw a different consultant who said 'ooh, my friend had the same symptoms as you, and they had coeliac disease'. Two weeks on a gluten free diet, and I had more pain relief than I'd got with any antiflams.

11 years on, and I only get joint pain if I accidently ingest gluten

Annie12 Fri 11-Sep-09 17:24:30

Hi CMOTDibbler

It doesn't say a lot for the medical profession does it when you had joint pain for 5 years before another consultant tested you for coeliac disease? It is diabolical!

Can I ask if you had other sympoms as well as joint pain? My daughter has had joint pain and stiffness since having her first baby via IVF and it doesn't seem uncommon for new mothers to experience these pains. She has had these pains for two years now but has improved significantly by eliminating foods under the direction of a naturopath, taking probiotics and having liver/colon cleanses. It seems to be sugar with her but of course many foods contain sugar don't they? As there is no definitive test for RA (which they say she has) I wonder about coeliac disease but she doesn't have other symptoms other than recent weight loss and I wonder if it could be overactive thyroid - she has had a fast pulse too! A colonoscopy has revealed nothing.


singingmum Fri 11-Sep-09 17:32:35

Could anyone tell me how you managed to get the docs to listen.I've had joint pains since before I was a teen and when I did see a specialist he told me that I 'Has no muscle in my legs' even after I told him that then I could walk for 10 miles without any pain on a good day but then somedays could barely move. Have been searching for answer ever since and am now overweight so keep getting the 'If you lose weight...'speech even though I used to be quite fit and a good size and weight.
Sorry to hijack a little but am sick of hearing this from docs as they now put every prob I have down to weight and when I say exercise can be v.painful they just say try harder and lose weight...Duh!!! idiots.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 11-Sep-09 17:33:36

I used to but have been much better since taking Cod Liver Oil capsules.

blahdiblahblah Sat 12-Sep-09 15:05:21

Singingmum, that sounds frustrating!

Is there anyway you could pay for an independant specialist to check you out?
When I lived in the UK I was told all sorts of "reasons" for it, and only since I moved abroad have I been offered tests.

Good luck

Darcey2009 Sun 20-Sep-09 16:20:42

hi singingmum have they checked 4 fybromyalgia i had joint pain 4 years and was told much the same as u then i demanded 2 see a rhumatologist who told me i had fybromyalgia after they sorted out the medication its much better ....only a thoughtsmile

alypaly Sun 20-Sep-09 18:57:41

alcohol and joint pain...get doc to check for gout....uric acid in the joints which is made worse by alcohol and rich food

tiredsville Sun 20-Sep-09 21:41:02

PIPRABBIT, how were you diagnosed with SLE? Is there any paticular blood test which confirmed your diagnosis?

alypaly Mon 21-Sep-09 09:35:59

tiredsville...there are lots of test that confirm lupus and it often has a characteristic butterfly shaped rash on the face.

Annie12 Wed 18-Nov-09 22:39:43

Can I point you towards Vitamin D with regard to joint pain? Google Dr John Down, an American rheumatologist. Is it a coincidence that many new mothers have bad joint pain and that when pregnant the foetus takes Vitamin D from the mother? Why don't doctors check for vitamin and mineral deficiencies? We are told not to spend too much time in the sun and if we do get vitamin D from sunbathing, as it is fat soluble, it washes off as soon as you shower and use soap!

Also, something else I have come across which works for ALL autoimmune diseases including MS - Low Dose Naltrexone. Google it and look at this
This drug has been used for many years in larger doses for drug addicts but works very well in very small doses for RA etc. and it is NON TOXIC. There is an LDN yahoo group where you can read about users' experiences with LDN.

Probiotics helped my daughter with her RA and colon/liver cleanse. Also her naturopath has given her a parasite cleanse - HUMAWORM. She is now 98% improved.

alypaly Thu 19-Nov-09 00:33:12

alot of joint pain in pregnancy can be caused by the progesterone making the cartilage more strectchy and it takes about 2 months after delivery for its texture to go back to normal. That is one reason why you shouldnt over exercise when you hormones are in a mess.

alypaly Thu 19-Nov-09 00:34:04

just seen the last post is from september<<<<derrrr>>>>>>>

rddbrv Mon 29-Feb-16 06:53:54

Thank You!! I want to confirm your findings!
I wish I was smart enough to google this the way you did. In fact I discovered it on my own way before I googled anything about it - so now I am just googling about it to understand the mechanics of it out of curiosity. My story is so much like yours I won't describe it in too much details.
After having joint pain in my wrists for 2 years on and off, I stopped drinking for a full week and started drinking excess water to flush out the chemicals and eureka - my wrists feel like brand new! Can't believe doctors don't know about this. Alcohol, and in my case pricey red wine were poisoning me for 2 years.
I should also note that i've tried plenty of pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs and they all only alleviate the pain temporarily - cutting out the red wine and drinking more water has solved a problem that throwing money at doctors couldn't even get close!

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