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Sleep walking, Should I worry?

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mynaughtylittlesister Tue 18-Aug-09 09:35:06

Basically for as long as I can remember I have done funny activities in my sleep ie:

- took a lightbulb out of DH lamp and placed it in kitchen

- put my dressing gown in the rubbish bin

opened curtains in the middle of the night so I could see DH better, then pulled all the covers off him.

- thought I was in a black room with no doors or windows, so was trying to scrabble to get myself out around the room

- countless times I have imagined we have guests staying in the house and have stressy moments in the middle of the night finding nighties etc to wear.

I have always accepted these things as me, and DH and I have a chuckle about them the next morning as 9/10 times I will remember them, and obviously I have woken poor DH up!

Now the latest thing that has happened has really worried me....

Sunday night (around 3.30am so DH says) I walked onto the landing, looked through the window and thought I saw a crystal twinkling outside (it was an orange steet light!), went back to bed, then decided to get up again and see if the crystal was still there, it was, so I came down stairs, opened the frontdoor, walked down our drive and walked along the street so I could see this "crystal". I realised it was a streetlight, so I turned back, went back indoors, shut the door and went back to bed. It was me shutting the door that disturbed DH. So he mentioned the noise to me when he got home last night. I then remembered all the event of hunting for this crystal. (I do make jewellery so thats where the crystal comes from)

Now I am concerned because oviously wandering around in your own home is one thing but outside surely thats another.

WWe did have a real chuckle over this, but TBH, I had a really sleepless night last night as I was worried that I would something like this again.sad

Sorry it was so long

June2009 Wed 26-Aug-09 19:12:26

bumping for you.
Have you talked to the doctor about it? Maybe he can refer you to some kind of sleep clinic.

I sleptwalked for years when I was a teenager, unfortunately I don't know why it stopped. the only time I went "outside" was when we were camping with a group of people.

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