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breast pain???

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aideesmum Sun 16-Aug-09 14:55:36

Hi, just wondered if anyone can help.
I have a pain in the side of one breast, it aches a little and when touched feels like it is bruised but does not look like like it. Don't think there is a lump but cannot tell as it does hurt alot when touched.
Anyone any views? sad

bebesequin Sun 16-Aug-09 18:57:47

Could be cyclical I had pain so bad it was waking me up in the night-only in one breast-saw doc ended up at breast clinic had a mammogram to check it out- was advised to take evening primrose oil still get it at times-definitly felt bruised inside-hope that helps

loopylou6 Sun 16-Aug-09 19:18:24

i have had the bruised pain, it goes away after a few days tho

SemperEadem Sun 16-Aug-09 19:27:49

I have this but with me it is constant - awful. I was also advised to take evening primrose oil - didn't really work for me but it is worth a shot.

I would get it checked anyway if I was you, just to be on the safe side.

aideesmum Tue 18-Aug-09 10:42:42

Thanks for the support - it has now been hurting for 4 days now and doesn't seem to be getting better. It is definitly different to the sore boobs I normally get b4 AF is on its way. And AF idn't due for a week.
I've got an appointment with the docs tomorrow so hopefully she'll put my mind at ease sad

Anste Tue 25-Aug-09 17:54:45

It would be lovely if you could let me know what the doc said - I've got this prob.

Thank you.

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