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DH has a "Bad Sprain"

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NinksThinksUnlikeTheDM Sat 15-Aug-09 22:48:19

He did it last Saturday jumping on the bed and off again in a rage, (from what I can work out. I was trying to sleep and had my back to him)

Went to casualty and emerged with a support bandage. Fair enough. I slipped up on a stair when DD was 2 and did the same thing. It bloody well HURT for days but I managed to get up and down stairs by crawling and to make her food, change her and put her to bed.

Needless to say I have been doing everything for a week but the foot hasn't gotten any better.

Could it be broken? Or is he taking the piss?

BuffyTheFluffySlayer Sat 15-Aug-09 22:49:50

Did they x-ray it? Is it swollen? Can he put ay weight on it? How did he land?

Tortington Sat 15-Aug-09 22:51:39

he was jumping on and off the bed in a rage?


is he 12?

i'd tell him to job on for being stupid - and not do an awful lot for him tbh

NinksThinksUnlikeTheDM Sat 15-Aug-09 23:37:17

grin custardo, quite right but the problemo is if not for me the whole family unit would have fallen apart. Maybe I should have taken care to shop for everyone's food but his, I don't know. Perhaps.

Apparently it WAS X-Rayed, and considered to be not broken but honestly MNers, a whole week and it is still as touch-sore as when he did it? Even if it were properly broken I'd think it would be healing more quickly.

God knows when I had a bad sprain I bloody well had to cope. Same as when I had a broken back and nobody to help with toddler DD. Sure I passed out with the pain of the fracture cutting into my central nervous system a bit but the correct treatment of going to hospital and sitting in a back cast for weeks and DD in care wasn't a flipping option! [/rant]

kitkatqueen Sat 15-Aug-09 23:53:29

Sooooo, Soooo glad it was his foot - opened thread with some trepidation LOL!. Personally my dp was told by A&E once that he had a soft tissue injury to his finger, they sent him home and told him it would start to get better in about 7 days or so - 7 days later his finger was white, swollen and still would not bend. I forcibly took him to a&e they told him the same thing again - soft tissue injury. I insisted that they xrayed it - refused to leave, threatened with solicitors etc. they xrayed it and found it was broken and dislocated at the joint. 2 operations later and lots of phisio it still doesn't bend, he is going to need a plastic joint because it was left too long after the injury.

Go back. It doesn't matter if they already xrayed it, get them to do it again.

A&E staff are fabulous people who do a very difficult and demanding job, but they are people and can make mistakes. If your gut says its not right do something about it.

( very glad it wasn't his todger btw.grin)

PinkTulips Sun 16-Aug-09 00:00:06

Last time i had a sprain they agve me a support bandage and told me to walk on it and excercise it as much as possible.

The old advice of resting and keeping weight off has been proven to be the opposite of what the body needs, sprains heal best by being moved as much as possible and by treating the limb as normal.

Get him up and moving, send him for a walk/hobble down to the shops, get him helping with some gentle housework, get him to limp up and down the stairs a bit.

Ibruprofen is fantastic for sprains.

There is a very slim chance it is broken and the x-ray was at the wrong angle to see it but far more likely is that he's taking the piss and making it worst by resting it when he should be moving about.

Milliways Sun 16-Aug-09 08:41:20

The staff CAN make mistakes with X-Rays, but that is why they will all be reviewed by a senior staff member over the following few days.

DS was sent home from hospital with a sprained knee & recalled 3 days later as they found a fracture! He had been in agony with us telling him to do his exercises and I felt awful and was giving him 1 more day before I took him back myself blush

Ninks Sun 16-Aug-09 12:16:17

grin Milliways, poor DH!

Thanks all, he says it is a bit better today so we'll forego the trip to A&E. To be fair, he has been hobbling to work all week.

I think we'll have a little outing to the park, at least it gets us all out of the house. Drives me demented staying at home when it's so nice out and this is the second weekend we've done it.

OrmIrian Sun 16-Aug-09 12:21:14

I had a similar problem last year. After about a week I went to A&E because I was in so much pain and it wasn't improing. X-rayed and told it was just a bruised bone. 4 days later got a letter telling me there was a tiny brreak - has a plaster on for 10 weeks hmm

I have hurt it now and am avoiding A&E in case a plaster will be involved hmm

BuffyTheFluffySlayer Sun 16-Aug-09 13:19:43

This thread isn't doing alot for my profession! blush

If you think it's broken then take him back and ask them to x-ray it again but using different views. They are all double checked by a senior readigrapher with many years of training, it's rare that something is missed as they are very good. I'm not saying it doesn't happen though.

OrmIrian Mon 17-Aug-09 09:12:43

buffy - I wasn't really complaining, just surprised! But when you saw how teeny weeny the break was I'm not surprised anyone missed it.

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