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Natural remedy for conjunctivitis? Any ideas

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mamadadawahwah Fri 27-May-05 00:03:11

My 2yr old ds has developed "pussy eye" and when waking from sleep today, couldnt open his eyes. It was horrible. I immediately got out the tea tree oil and warm water but it didnt work and it came back. Dont want to use "drugs" on his eyes, but might have to unless i find an alternate cure.

Any ideas?????
thank u

whymummy Fri 27-May-05 00:08:11

you'll have to use antibiotics if it's conjuntivitis is very contagious and it won't go away,dd keep getting it specially if it when it was windy outside,in the meantime you can wash his eyes with camomile tea and cottonwool.
hope he's better soon

whymummy Fri 27-May-05 00:09:28

dd kept getting it specially if it was windy outside,(that's better,what happened there?)

mamadadawahwah Fri 27-May-05 00:12:34

Yes, whymummy, i had it first then must have passed it on. Mine has gone away on its own but baby's had remained. Will probably have to go to the docs.
thanks the info!

whymummy Fri 27-May-05 00:22:16

the camomile tea will work if is not conjuntivitis but even if it is use it to clean his eyes

foolysh Fri 27-May-05 03:04:34

I've said this a lot before... it will almost certainly clear on its own if you leave it the hell alone. Don't clean it, don't touch it. Trying to clean the gunk away only prolongs the infection & makes it worse. Splash it in the bath or swimming pool if you can't stand the look of it. I would only get antibiotics if the eye just won't open by the time they've been awake 30 minutes or so.

Takes 5-7 days to clear on its own; takes less time if you just don't touch it when it's starting. Yes it may look awful in the meantime. Give paracetomol for the itching/irritation.

Even though cjtis is supposed to be so contagious nobody in my household has ever caught it from anybody else.

whymummy Fri 27-May-05 07:51:41

but if is caused by bacteria is contagious and since mamadadawahwah's ds got it from her it must be bacterial and shouldn't be left untreated

Heathcliffscathy Fri 27-May-05 07:58:38

tincture of euphrasia (eyebrigh) well dissolved in water (a few drops to a glass of water) used to bath the eye helps.

SoupDragon Fri 27-May-05 08:14:40

As it happens, you don't have to treat it with antibiotics - the dotor wouldn't let me have the antibiotics whilst breastfeeding. I was told to make up a pint of boiling water with 1teaspoon of bicarb soda in it, leave to cool (obviously!) and use it to bath my eye with an eyebath. Worked too.

chipmonkey Fri 27-May-05 12:26:54

breastmilk in the eye if you're bf but could be hard to find if you're not!

Toothache Fri 27-May-05 12:30:55

The doctor wouldn't give me AB's for dd's eye either. He just told me to bathe them with cooled boiled water twice a day. Making sure not to cross contaminate the other eye. Dd's eyes were stuck together in the mornings and I had to bathe them open! But the cooled boiled water did the trick after about 3 days. I think if it carries on longer and seems to get worse you'll need AB's. HTH

mamadadawahwah Fri 27-May-05 21:34:53

Thanks everyone. Doctor said it was bacterial and not viral, because it was in both eyes, and because he caught it from me. Thus, will take many of your advise and just bathe the eyes. It seems to be clearing a bit. Anything is better than using nasty antibiotic creams.

whymummy Fri 27-May-05 21:37:15

glad he doesn't need them,i don't like antibiotics either but my doctor always prescribed them for dd's conjuntivitis

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