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Need to have a bladder test to determine which procedure for my ANTERIOR (and also posterior) repair - anyone else had this bladder test?

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SammyK Sat 15-Aug-09 08:42:10

Am very nervous about it as it sounds uncomfortable and mortifying. sad blush

Am definately having my surgery around november time, so bladder test is to decide what kind of repiar is needed apparently.

I think I am dreadin this bladder test in September more than the actual operation!

Has nayone else had t can tell me what to expect and if it hurts or not?

purplepeony Sat 15-Aug-09 11:01:53

what are they going to do? Have they described the test and why they need to do it?

I have had a repair which was both anterior and posterior- it was mainly anterior but he said tightening the posterior wall would give extra support.

That was almost 17 years ago now. I didn't have any tests -he just looked!

Question is- are you leaking? I thought they used what they calla "Q Tip test"- which is inserting a cotton bud (Q Tip) into the urethra to find the angle of it and then work out how much "slack" is there and how much repair needs to be done. They often do the TVT procedure instead of/as well as the anterior repair.

Urodynamics where they fill your bladder and watch for leakage is most often done for overactive bladder, rather than repairs.

Katymac Sat 15-Aug-09 11:15:06

I had Urodynamics - & then got a TVT

SammyK Sat 15-Aug-09 11:49:11

Yes it is the urodynamics test where they fill your bladder. I am leaking, drips during day and also if I cough, jump, will have to change.

He said that it depends on what is causing leakage on how my anterior repair is carried out.

It sounds so embarassing and uncomfortable. I will be having it done though as I want the surgery to have it sorted, just wondered if anyone else had had it done how they found it.

Katymac, did the TVT help?
Purplepeony are you happy you had the surgery? I definately need both walls doing as have a cystocele and recotocele bulge.

Katymac Sat 15-Aug-09 13:34:12

I got sent away with no tests the first time - my GP made a fuss & I got seen by the consultant basically so she could say 'see I told you, you making a fuss about nothing'

They inserted a catheter then filled my bladder with water & I said 'Umm I think I am leaking' the nurse said 'no that is just the sensation of cold water'then she leant on the bed and said 'Hang on there is water everywhere'

So as fast as they were filling my bladder it was leaking

They took that catheter out & put a different one in that had a bubble which expanded & kept the water in

They filled me up again and asked me to stand up - I leaked even thought the bubble was expanded

Then they let the bubble out and I stood there & the water gushed out of me

Then she asked me to do star jumps - I sort of braced to jump and even more water came out

She (the consultant) said 'Oh I think you have a bit more of a problem than I thought'

The TVT has been fab - I can do most things - I still have to be careful lifting but that is because it is uncomfortable rather than because I leak & I can't trampoline as I will still leak

purplepeony Sat 15-Aug-09 14:10:30

SammyK- yes, touch wood I am happy. I wasn't leaking at all but felt very "slack" as if Ihad a bulge hanging around all the time- which I did!

I think techniques have moved on a lot since I had mine doen. I also had my uterus hitched up by shortening the ligaments.

I had the op twice- the first time it was 90% better but I still felt there was a bulge near the opening which wasn't comfy, so had a minor adjustment a year later.

The only snag - sorry if TMI- is that the opening of the urethra seems much closer to my vaginal opening after the front wall was "trimmed" and tightened.

I was told any further surgery would be tricky as thre is not enough tissue left, so I would have to focus on pelvic floor exercsies to keep it all in shape- that reminds me- must do them!

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