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swelling ring finger after wasp sting

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outinthesticksmummy Fri 14-Aug-09 23:17:11

I was stung by a wasp today just after lunch - on my wedding ring finger ......ouch ..hurt like hell , but then got distracted by kids /tea/etc and didn't bother with it , although it was throbbing. HAs now swollen and i have manages to get my engagement ring off , but not my wedding ring - its stuck tight , gonna take some piriton syrup ....(left over from chicken pox days) dh made me take some of his diclofenic - antinflammitory ....what do you reckon ?? wait for swliing to subside ?? or trot down to a & e on a sat morning and get my wedding ring cut off .......really don't want to get it cut sad

hellymelly Fri 14-Aug-09 23:19:29

Ice and more piriton.The swelling should subside reasonably quickly,but make sure that the ring isn't cutting of circulation to the finger.If it is really cutting in I would go to a and e to be honest.

outinthesticksmummy Fri 14-Aug-09 23:21:17

aw thanks helly - will reasses in the morning - off to take some more piriton - it does feel pretty tight though

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