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I am tired of gestational diabetes - What nice snacks or deserts can I eat? Anyone ideas/feel the same?

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Bloempje Fri 14-Aug-09 16:58:38

I am 32 wks and couple a wks ago I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes sad. I am testing glucose levels 3x a day and sometimes they are good and sometimes a bit too high. I do get tired of eating healthy and good foods al the time. The veg and yoghurt dips and two slices of brown bread with cheese/meat/egg or bowl of whole grain cereals for breakfast etc. are getting very boring. I miss sweet things and a couple a pieces of fruit. I cannot eat these things cause when I do two hours after such a meal my glucose level is too high. However, 3 hours after that meal my glucose levels are back to normal again! Anyone is similar situation or does anyone have good and suitable recipe ideas for nice in between snacks or desert for gestational diabetes ie low in carbs and sugar? Please share wink

mathanxiety Mon 17-Aug-09 08:36:37

I had gestational diabetes and it was a pain in the neck, but I have to say stick with the recommended diet -- the diabetes goes away when you deliver. But it is really boring. I remember being allowed twelve grapes every day (I recall counting out my grapes and eating them slowly), and also some other fruits -- apples anyway. Google gestational diabetes diets -- I had the benefit of seeing a dietitian who gave me a list of things that were ok, and a meal plan for every meal in the week. I also took moderate exercise, a short and quite slow walk every day. At the end of my pregnancy I actually stopped gaining weight and was usually feeling really hungry, especially at bedtime, so I was allowed to have a small glass of skim milk and a very plain cracker before bed. Good luck -- don't cheat. It's really worth doing this to the end.

olivo Mon 17-Aug-09 20:53:44

Hello, i can sympathise ; i am hopefully coming to the end of my GD run, with cs planned for wednesday. i have also found i t really hard. flavoured rice cakes have kept me going for snacks along with my daily apple, and i have had low sugar angel delight and sugar free jelly as desserts. I wouldnt normally oindulge in sweeteners while pg but i was getting obsessed with the lack of sweet things so i gave in. twiglets didnt mess my sugars too much either.

hope you find something that suits, it is worth sticking to the diet given ( although i caved in and had an ice cream last week blush). good luck.

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