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Right - recomend me your post-natal contraceptive!

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TamTam29 Fri 14-Aug-09 09:22:43

DS2 is now 9 weeks, and im breastfeeding, I plan to continue until he is atleast 6 months.

Used the mini pill after DS1 whilst I bf, then back on Jasmin which I found great, very few side-effects compared to microgynon which I had been on years previously. However not good anymore at remembering to take pills hence only 20month gap between DS1 & 2 (oops)

So dont want pill again.

Got a few dodgy thread & varicous veins in my legs from 2nd prgnancy so dont know if that rules out some hormanal types due to higher risk of thrombosis?

GP recomended the coil but which one - they are very penny pinching in my surgery, after DS1 she kept trying to put me back on microgynon even though I had been on Jasmin for 5 yrs with no probs and had lots of probs with microgynon (head aches, moodiness, weight gain etc)

I need you ladies to help me out so I can make an informed choice.

TotalRockChick Fri 14-Aug-09 16:18:09


Don't have any babies myself yet , so can't honestly advise about necessarily post-natal contraceptive, but found the same problems and more when I was on Microgynon (nice to know I'm not such an unusual creature after all!) I ended up having the contraceptive injection at my local surgery which was fantastic for me. It lasts 3 months, so you don't have to worry about a daily ritual, it stops your periods and if you decide you want another child you simply stop having it done and the theory is that your fertility returns to normal around 12 months after the final injection. I had my final injection 16 months ago and still waiting for my fertility to do something positive and I'm not sure how it may be affected by the fact that you're breastfeeding but defo worth asking the GP about. I hate the idea of a coil or something implanted 'up there' so for me the injection was great x

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