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I am worried about these two red patches on gums

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crazyashell Thu 13-Aug-09 14:22:06

I have had them coming and going for a while sometimes they look worse than others and I have them at the moment.
They are both at either side of the top gum in the same place and I have noticed that if I accidentally brush over them with the toothbrush that they bleed.
Until now I have never really paid much attention to them but I saw a poster at my gp's about oral cancer and it was telling you to look out for red patches on the gums.
I have also been googling worse thing you can do and it says the same.
Now I am freaking out.
Anyone got any suggestions could it be early gum disease instead.

BellaNoir Thu 13-Aug-09 23:06:19

Have you been to the Gp or dentist? There are quite a few causes of reddened, sore gums.

Lichen planus is one of them which can be treated and tends flare up and then to calm down again.
Could be due to rubbing on something, are your incisors prominent?
Really, if you're concerned then you need to see someone.

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