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Could it be shingles (again) anyone with any medical advice or non....

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herestoabetterfuture Wed 12-Aug-09 10:55:13

Anyone out there?

Ok, the last few days I've been feeling really really tired. Yesterday I had to go out but felt like I was dragging my legs and felt hot and cold, my arms felt tingly and I was so tired. Plus I had a major headache

I carried on with it all (single mum so no one else to help ) but this morning I've noticed two very red spots on my ribcage and one further down. They feel a bit burny (sorry couldnt think of a better word).

I had shingles last year, my doc confirmed it - all I had was a band of about three very red blotches on the top of my thigh and similar symptoms. I should add my docs think I have lupus.

So could it be? I've been very very stressed and tired recently?

herestoabetterfuture Wed 12-Aug-09 11:10:55


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