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breast reduction

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nightowl Thu 26-May-05 01:39:43

can anyone give me some information about this please? i have asked my gp before and she wont take me seriously but they are making my life a misery!! they are huge, they hurt and itch, i cant get clothes to fit, they make me look bigger than i am and men treat me like a slapper before they have even spoken to me. last week one guy at work just would not stop commenting on them and i cant take it anymore!! as if its not bad enough...they are getting even bigger!! how much does it cost to go private, payment plans, good surgeons? (are there any in birmingham area?). how long would i have to take off work and would they let me have any unpaid time off do you think? would i be able to look after dd properly, ie lifting her out of cot, carrying her around and all that stuff? how long would i need help with her for?

losing weight wont help much...when i was 7 1/2 stone they were still a c cup, im 10 1/2 stone now.

thats it serious about this and absolutely 100% sure its what i want.

karen01 Thu 26-May-05 08:33:39

Night Owl- I think you are looking at around 2k+ for the op. The genreal rule is no lifting etc for 6 weeks. The scars for the reduction aswell are know as anchor scars come up your cleavage and and under and round to say armpit. Also they move your nipple. If youlook onthe web you should be able tofind more answers, sorry I was just poppong in quickley. If you don't mind how big are you.are you still a C cup?

Hope someone gives yousome better answers.

nightowl Fri 27-May-05 00:49:30

sadly not a c cup...f cup!

sunchowder Fri 27-May-05 03:10:00

Nightowl, I am here in the US, so I am no good as far as knowing the costs. We have a cable channel (like your sky) that has Discovery Health Channel. It is a fantastic as far as being able to find out about surgeries and how they are performed, etc. to get an idea of what you will have to go through. I totally understand, I am very overweight and my breasts are large also--I can understand why you want this done. If you have access to Sky, maybe you can watch some of the programming and actually get to see the surgery.

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