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Giraffes wristy update, just back from hosp

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giraffesCanRunA10k Mon 10-Aug-09 18:08:36

Had consultant today to discuss what he found on Thursday (when I saw him I was still half unconsious and don't remember! aaah lovely GA drugs) he said the ligament in my wrist is torn but not fully, only partially torn. So he said its 50/50 whether or not I will need 2nd op.

Thats quite good news as before it was 100% I would need it so am quite pleased. Have to go back in 2 weeks, if am still having pain then he would reccomend op, if not then will leave it and hopefully should heal somewhat on its own.

Op involves stitching the ligament up, then a pin in between the 2 bones and then in plaster for 6 weeks. Which he said can then cause problems due to the wrist being immobile for so long etc and said if its not causing me problems then might be a bit of overkill to do all that.

So its a wait and see game. I am supposed to be using wrist for some things but nothing heavy, but the temptation is now to walk about with it wrapped in 7ft of cotton wool so its left to heal in peace!!!

Any opinions on the helfulness of the op etc welcome.

QOD Mon 10-Aug-09 19:31:26

oh no advice but ouchy!

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