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Tooth decay in 2.8 yo?

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CountessDracula Wed 25-May-05 19:32:59

My dd is 2 and 8 months. She got her teeth pretty early (4 at 4 months, all of them by 1 yr pretty much) One of her back molars looks to me like it may have some decay in it. I have always cleaned her teeth religiously ever since she got the first ones so I am not sure why this should be. She eats very little sweet stuff really.

I was wondering if it could be because she takes lactulose for her constipation, though I give it to her and then brush her teeth immediately. Or sometimes she has a bottle after brushing teeth and falls asleep so I don't wake her to brush teeth again.

Anyone else experienced this? Neither dh or I had fillings until we were teenagers.

tiredemma Wed 25-May-05 19:42:24

my ds had same at almost thesame age, dentist noticed it on a routine check up, only a very very start of a small hole. He just told me to take it easy with fruit juices etc but did say that as sugar is contained in nearly everything these days its a bit hard to totally eradicate stuff.
DS had a further check up last week and although the hole had not got any bigger, the dentist was concerned that he would start getting toothache if food started to get stuck in there so he filled it with a white paste.
Im going to get fissure seals put into his molars when his second teeth come through as im really concerned that his teeth will decay regardless nowadays with all the crap in everything.
Ask your dentist to put that paste in her tooth, should help till her 2nd teeth come through.

bettys Wed 25-May-05 19:47:33

Yes, my ds has 2 fillings. I started to notice the decay at around the same age & he finally had the fillings done when he was about 4. He also has always brushed his teeth although he did use to have a bottle at night afterwards. The dentist said it could possibly be because I may have had a cold or something when I was pregnant & the teeth were forming and that caused cracks. Tbh I think it's just sod's law, though very upsetting. I hated taking him to have the fillings done though he was v v brave (ds, not the dentist).

CountessDracula Wed 25-May-05 19:58:56

Bettys how are you??!!

Thanks both, glad it's not just me. DD doesn't drink juice really though I try and make her for her constipation she prefers water. I really can't see it's anything I've done but I still feel awful

Will take her to dentist and get paste

tiffini Wed 25-May-05 20:23:28

Dentists say that once we have consumed sugar, it will attack the teeth for 45 minutes, and that brushing immediately after does not make a difference.

bettys Wed 25-May-05 20:34:08

Hi Countess, fine thanks!
Poor dd, is your dentist local? Ours is the one on Castelnau, just about the only NHS one in the area.
Btw did you see Gordon Ramsey last night? Hope you spotted that he took his latest lamentable chef to learn some lessons from mine & dp's favourite restaurant ie Riva!

roisin Wed 25-May-05 20:43:52

Fwiw I think it's more common in children whose teeth come through very early, as they tend to swish food/drink around in their mouths for long periods of time when they're babies.

Another thing - our dentist said that it's better not to brush teeth 'immediately' after anything. But rather half an hour afterwards.

CountessDracula Wed 25-May-05 20:46:44

aha thanks guys will remember that. I just thought that one spoonful of lactulose should be brushed immediately before it gets time to get into the fangs. I will brush later now.

Bettys I DID! Riva is fabbo isn't it?

bettys Wed 25-May-05 21:18:56

Certainly is, nice to know that Gordon eats there too!

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