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Bad period like pains!!!! sorry if tmi

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karen01 Wed 25-May-05 16:51:34

quick over view -I have the Mirena coil fitted have had since last July. I haven't had aperiod since Decemebr, but then early last month I had a slight bleed, and again this month but this month was enought warrent the smallest size tampax. I have had a slight jelly like discharge like you get in pg sometimes. But For the last couple of months my tummy really hurts like period typew pains espeacially if DS (now 11 months) has been standing on me or crawling up me this makes it worse. I also feel periodically nausious (sp). Do you think this could be an infection. Or could I be pg or do you think it is all normal. Any advice welcome.
Has anyone else experienced this what did you do about it.

karen01 Wed 25-May-05 16:55:11

Also ment to say I am almost always tired and will sleep at any opportunity.

munz Wed 25-May-05 16:55:59

have you done a PG test?

karen01 Wed 25-May-05 16:59:26

No daren't we have just decided not to have number 3 for a few years. Maybe I will do one tommorrow.

Kidstrack2 Wed 25-May-05 17:03:32

I would get it checked to be on the safe side. Sometimes periods are all over the place for the first six months with the mirena and then it eventually settles down to light or no periods. But as you have had yours in for 10months I would go to your local family planning to get it checked.

munz Thu 26-May-05 10:00:54

echos above, if u feel somehting's not right then get to the DR's,

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