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Tell me about your Excercise DVDs!!!

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MayorNaze Sun 09-Aug-09 15:31:23

summer is here and i am getting fat

i've got amazon open and am waiting to purchase dvds on your fab recommendations!!

i would like please:
a pilates/yoga one
a general toning and fitness one

i do not mind what celebrity i have to endorse (or not as the case may be) i just want to know that people DO keep fit this way and that i can too!

cheers m'dears grin

etchasketch Sun 09-Aug-09 15:37:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RedDeadFail Sun 09-Aug-09 15:39:32

All of the Davina ones are good.

MayorNaze Sun 09-Aug-09 15:44:03

really? that's good to know, also davina is tolerable grin

i'm aiming for 3 sessions per week minimum. any other votes?

thanks btw wink

christiana Sun 09-Aug-09 15:58:21

Message withdrawn

Mousey84 Sun 09-Aug-09 15:59:49

I have a Davina one Im planning to sell - I cant stand her, but everyone raved about it so I bought it anyway. Havent even done it once the whole way through...

I packed it away recently but can hoke it out if you want it. Its something like the power of three workout?

blueballoons Sun 09-Aug-09 16:01:44

I've got Elle Macpherson - The Body Workout and love it:

1) its broken into sections so you can do the whole thing or if short on time, or get interrupted just do a few sections.

2) really pretty Hawaiian scenery to look at

3) a good all around workout - manageable but as challenging as you want to make it.

MayorNaze Sun 09-Aug-09 16:02:31

30 minutes sounds good actually - for some reason i had it in my head that all exercise dvds HAD to be an hour long hmm

i will see if it's on amazon...think beginners pilates/yoga would be better - once upon a time i was v v bendy but not so much now...

how much would you want for davina, mousey??

MayorNaze Sun 09-Aug-09 16:06:33

wow - it seems you can get exercise dvds from lovefilm???!!!

now that is a good plan, i can try them all and see which are hot or not, so to speak!

keep the comments coming though please

Joolsiam Sun 09-Aug-09 16:07:08

The ten minute solution Pilates workout is really good - there are 5 workouts and you can either do all 5, to make a 50 minute session or just do one whenever you have a spare ten minutes

I have the abs blast one aswell but haven't tried that yet ...

Mousey84 Sun 09-Aug-09 16:08:58

My three 30 minute workouts its called. Heading out in a few mins but will look when I get back tonight. £6 inc p&p? CAT me with your address if you want it and ill get back to you

Mousey84 Sun 09-Aug-09 16:11:46

Oh, and go through quidco or some sort of cashback site, sign up for free trials - be careful as a lot are hosted by lovefilm - think tesco and amazon both are - and you cant get multiple free trials with them. Note in your diary when the free trial ends and make sure you cancel before then I did this a few years ago and made £25, which i used to buy 2 dvds that i wanted to see again

foxinsocks Sun 09-Aug-09 16:12:10

I find davina annoying but like the 20 mins workouts because they are the perfect time slot for me

however, now that I've heard about the haiwaian backdrop to the Elle one, I'm seriously tempted to get that. Can imagine finding that quite inspiring in the middle of a wet and cold English summer winter!

Joolsiam Sun 09-Aug-09 16:24:36

Oh, and my local library have a few (in with the exercise books) - sometimes there is a small charge but at least another option to try before you buy

I got Pilates for Dummies from there - another good one - basic but effective.

MayorNaze Sun 09-Aug-09 16:36:31

have catted you mousey

is pilates for dummies good? i was just eyeing that on amazon. our library has a large selection of bollywood films and not much else hmm

MayorNaze Sun 09-Aug-09 16:44:49

just had a look at elle - then remembered she really annoyed me when she was in friends...not sure i could stomach her while i sweat and gurn...

christiana Sun 09-Aug-09 16:51:39

Message withdrawn

foxinsocks Sun 09-Aug-09 16:55:18

they are all annoying I think

MayorNaze Sun 09-Aug-09 16:56:08

carmen looks good actually - but a bit kinky? no? isn't there a lapdancing one? am sure dh would suddenly become v interested in my regime if i bought that!

mum2RandR Sun 09-Aug-09 17:06:31

Definitely recommend Elle Macpherson. Easy to follow and actually works (or did before I had DD, now going to try it again!). Gives you great definition in your arms, and even though all the squats make you want to collapse there worth it!

christiana Sun 09-Aug-09 17:24:16

Message withdrawn

bootontheotherfoot Mon 10-Aug-09 08:16:19

All Davina and Cindy Crawford ones are good for loseing weight and toning your muscles at the same time.

Tae bo vidoes are great if you just want to lose weight fast but they are hard.

It depends on what you like doing. If your a carrot or a stick person.

What's your main goal MayorNaze?

What is your food and drink intake like?

MayorNaze Mon 10-Aug-09 13:13:16

mousey - have emailed you - paypal being odd???!!!hmm

have emailed them and will send dosh as soon as sorted.

cheers love

MayorNaze Mon 10-Aug-09 13:20:55

scrap that - it works! hello davina hurrah hurrah! grin

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